Capt. Wayne's Fishing Reports,  Comments and Updates:

October 2016:

It's been a while since I've posted here! I've been busy with work, fishing (of course), travel, etc... I've been posting on my facebook page (www.facebook.comreeldreamcharters/bostonharbor/) and find that to be quicker and easier especially if using an iphone.

There is still some good fishing and lots of bass feeding heavily for the fall migration. I'll be pulling the boat end of October.  Here are some pics from fishing this summer and fall:


MAY 26-29:

It was tough fishing yesterday as the temps had dropped significantly and the wind and chop picked up. The fish were around but moving quickly and hard to stay on. My angler, Richard Striano, worked hard to catch a couple and despite the conditions was not disappointed. That's a true fisherman!

Better day on Saturday May 28. Hot and the fish were on top for Andy Ochs and his friends BJ and Anthony!

Well...yesterday I'm told (I was in the office) the fish were all over the harbor. Today, not so much. Beautiful weather, flat a-- calm, just perfect for Ben Piggott who has been anxious to get out and do some fly fishing. Managed a handful of stripers at the bottom of the tide but that was all she wrote. What a difference a day makes... ;)

May 23, 2016:

First charter of the season...found some nice fish near the bottom of the drop. Thought they'd come up again as the tide came in, somewhere, anywhere, but it was not to be. Beautiful day and enjoyed guiding Brett Sumsion who got to break in his new Scott fly rod!

I'll be fishing from Friday thru Monday and will post another report from the harbor soon!

2015 Thompson Island Fishing Invitational, The Guides

Webb Thompson, Wayne Frieden, Erik Kulin, Richard Armstrong, Shaun Rouge, Josh Farkes, Tim Egenreider

November 21, 2015: It's been a while since I last posted a report. We enjoyed a terrific fall run with lots of stripers moving thru the harbor and along the coastline. The fishing remained strong right thru October, although I pulled my boat just after Columbus Day. Here are some pics of September and October fishing:

Aug 12: 
Today, I enjoyed takinhg my friend Paul McCallum and his son Kevin out for a morning of light tackle fishing. The fish were up before the sun was and continued right thru the top of the tide. Great morning catching schoolis!

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with my old friend Skip Jepson and his buddy Jim Burnham. The action was hot for the fist 30 minutes or so then died off quickly (probably tide related). The fish never did come up for the remainder of the morning but we still had fun on the water!

Skip is tight!

Jim too!

Aug 4:
Slow inside this morning given the weather front yesterday and tide sitiuation but found blues and bass a few miles offshore thanks to a tip from Capt. Erik Kulin. I was a little late to the show but managed to fool a 40" bass on a top water plug meant for bluefish! Sunday's charter with Dave Pope and his son Cam (who can cast and land a fish as good or better than most adults) caught a number of nice fish including a beautiful 31 incher that Cam fought and landed like a pro (in skinny, rocky water;).

Cam caught and released a bunch of fish including this one:

Saturday I had the pleassure of taking Bill Eichold and friend Derrick out for a morning of crazy action, mainly in the north channel.

Slow day on Friday but beautiful weather and yes we caight a few stripers. Pleasure taking my friend and band mate Steve Folino out for a morning of light tackle fishing.

July 27:
One of the guys at my marina reminded me that I haven't been posting reports since June! Can't believe how fast the time goes!! I was away for a week opn Block Island and kind of lost track of things. Got out last Monday with my buddy Capt. Norm and found some nice bass in Broad Sound. Nothing big for me but Norm landed a beautiful 35 incher.

There have been reliable reports of big bluefish on the outside. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't on them. Here today and gone tomorrow ~ that's blue fishin'.

Saturday's charter was slow as the early morning bite in the anchorage really didn't last very long. The fish were very finicky and well, it was a tough day all around. Ther blues were up, so I'm told, but got the call too late :(

Yesterday's trip was cancelled due to weather and it turned out to be a very good day, weathere-wise. Always best to wait until the morning before cancelling a trip and after 16 years of guiding I oughta know better. So, I did not cancel today's trip depsite calls for showers, T storms accompanied by heavy rains. Never happened! One of the best days of the week. I booked a terrific family from Toronto with lots of fishing experience. We had a nice early bite, fished structure and pulled some nice fish off the rocks, then ran back to Boston to catch a big blitz. The bass were gorging themselves on 3-4" silversides and not at all picky!

June 29: We got rained and winded out yesterday and this morning I'm home waiting for an electrician. The harbor is still producing lots of schoolie bass many having sea lice, an indication that they have just pushed into the harbor from off shore. My trip on Saturday was a return of Russ Haines and his two boys, all avid fisherman. His boys, ages 9 and 12, can cast better than most adults I've taken on my boat. CXonsistent action throughout the morning on the inside but there was not much happening outside the harbor.
Great trip on Friday with Charlie Peters and Michael Cunningham.

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of taking Ryan Anderson from Seattle for a morning of fly fishing. Although Ryan hadn't done much fly casting in the salt, he quickly picked it up and at one point was catrching and releasing stripers on every cast!

June 22:
Day off today and yesterday my Father's Day trip was cancelled due to weather. Great time relaxing at home...

June 20: Had the pleasure of taking Kenny Mendez and his son Will out for a morning of fly fishing. Both experienced fly fishermen quickly got into some nice action in Dot Bay. It was a beautiful morning on the water! Although we got out early, the actionn wasn't long lasting and shut off a couple of hours before the slack tide. We spent the rest of tour time looking for fish and dredging up a coupld in deep water and off structure.

June 16:
Last weekend was good in the Bay with lots of small fish and some large ones on  structure. The fish were a bit finicky though... Big push of fresh run stripers in the barbor. Today the fish were up for hours on the incoming tide feeding on what appeared to be 4" silversides. No wind which was awesome for fly casting small patterns (i.e. white deceivers and chartreuse clousers). Softs plastics fished on or just below the surface worked well too. This has been one of the best spring runs in years! Catch 'em up!

May 31:
Reports from inside the harbor were decent this morning!

May 30:
Fantastic morning with Ben Piggott and his friend Benny on fly and light tackle. We ran into a nice pod of schoolies just after first light that willingly took Ben's chartreuse clouser and Benny's chartreuse and white bucktail jig. After a good week of great action in the Bay, the fish were scattered and hard to find despite lots of working/searching birds. The fog lifted and on a hunch ran outside and to the North to find it loads of bass under small clusters of birds. Nice fish on fly and Benny landed and released a 31" striper on a 1/2 oz jig tipped with a 5" soft plastic bait.

Ben Piggott (on a large yellow/white deceiver pattern)

Benny with a nice keeper bass

Lots of doubles :)

May 25:
Fished the morning tide today with one of my good friends and found fish scattered about again chasing large herring. We caught more fish by locating them  on the sonar and the fly outfished jigs tipped with soft plastic. Mainly fished lavendar half & half and yellow/white deceivers on fast sinking lines.  However, I did manage to catch some bass fishing a 1/2 oz jig  with a large Arkansas Shiner D.O.D. (soft plastic). Although most of the bass were schoolies, there were some larger stripers in the mix and a nice 40incher was caught and released by my buddy Norm.

May 24: I had the pleasure of taking Chuck Marshall and his daughter Daisy out this morning in the wind to catch a bunch of schoolies on light tackle. It is only fitting that Chuck would be my first charter of the season since he apparently was my last one of the 2014 season! Daisy was quite the fisherwoman and outfished her Dad (sorry Chuck;).

May 22: 
Fished the latter stage of the outgoing tide this morning with my good friend Capt Norm Hyett. We had fun catching schoolie stripers on the fly! The lavendar/gray/white half & half fished on a fast sinking line worked well for me as the bass were feeding on herring dumping out of the rivers. Great morning on the water!! I'll be out again Sunday morning on a charter and Monday jsut for fun ;) Hope to have some good pics to share.

May 18, 2015:

Welcome back!
The stripers have finally arrived in the Boston Harbor area as they are about one week later than usual. There's plenty of mackeral outside for  those who like to eat them or use for bait. Flounder fishing in Quincy Bay and on the Deer I flats has been very slow, should pick up though... It's been a long time coming and anglers are anxious to get out and catch fish. I've got lots of open dates in May and June since I am no longer running my Kids' Fishing program. Call me or send me an email.

October 10:
Returned from a wonderful honetmoon in France the other night and fished today with Chuck Marshall and his friend Ted from Milton. Ted owns an Orvis Endorsed fishing lodge in central Canada so the pressure was on ;). We found fish early in Quincy Bay and then moved off shore to find acres of willing stripers feeding heavily for the fall migration. Awesome morning! Fall fishing is here!!!

September 6:
Today is a very special the water. Today I am marrying Isabelle Bourdonne :) No fishing today! ;)

The fishing has improved dramatically over the past week and a half. We've been seeing big schools of monster blues and catching schoolie striped bass, as well. The bait guys are doing well on large stripers using live bait, mainly pogies. Although I am not fishing today, I will be on the water Monday and later in the week and will post again. Until then, here are some recent pics:

He was a bit scare ;)

August 24: The strange fishing pattern this season continues. Last week we had 3 days of outstanding fishing, especially for big blues, then very slow for the past couple of days. If you fish the pre-dawn hours in the right spots with dead or live pogies, you're apt to hook into some very large stripers in the 30+ pound category.
But for the light tackle guides it has been a struggle some days to catch a handful of schoolies.

Here are some pics of my last fishing camp of the season:

August 16: Here are some picks of this past week in the Harbor.

Todd Clay from Illinois.

From the dock!

Aaron caught & released this beauty taken on a live pogie. 28# 43"

August 8, 2014: On Sunday, my charter made numerous casts and we fished a lot of structure that should have produced fish but no love for us. It was "deader than Elvis"! At the beginiing of the week, we had outstanding fishing outside the harbor to the north with big bass on top feeding on macks and pogies. I'm guessing they were also feeding on herring. Unfortunately, this action was short lived and for the past 3 days the fishing has been very slow... This season, the pattern has been somewhat unpredictable and when we do have a bite it has not been sustained for more than 2 or 3 days.

Here are some pics from earlier in the week:

July 29, 2014: There have been some good early morning activity but you have to get 'em early! Still loads of bait in and outside the harbor. Today, the NW winds and tide shut things down pretty early and it was tough sledding. Here are some pics of last week:

Tyson connects with his very first striper!

Happy Birthday too!

July 19: With two weeks of charters and kids fishing camp under my belt, the Harbor continues to be off. We're seeing lots of bait, including pogies, and catching stripers and an occasional keeper sea bass but it is slower than last year at this time. Here are some pics:
Week 1 Kids Fishing Program:

Here's a pic of Paul Matsudaira's daughter from a recent charter:

Week Two Kids Fishing Program:

Peter Heren from Germany and his two kids Brian and Lars fished with me yesterday morning. Brian was definitely the top rod with respect to numbers and size of stripers. We had them good in the early part of the trip then things slowed down big time towards the bottom of the tide. The day couldn't have been better weather-wise :)

Brian's 31" keeper on light tackle. His biggest fish ever!

June 29, 2014: Fishing up and down the East coast from Maryland to Maine got off to a late start, probably 3 weeks later than usual. Boston Harbor has loads of bait including mackeral, herring, silversides, and  pogies. Definitely marking schools of stripers but I think the bait is so  abundant, the bass are not feeding as heavily during the daylight hours and we're not seeing the sustained top water feeds that we are so accustumed to seeing. We had some terrific activity outside the harbor last week with some very large fish caught but this past week, not so much... There are plenty of small fish to be caught and released, especially if you're fly fishing, but one has to know where to go to find them. Generally, I've been fishing around structure to the North. Yesterday, my client Ed Constantini from Minnesota, did very well all morning on a small black/lavender pattern.

Here are some recent photos:

Ed is onto another schoolie

Art with his very first fly rod striper. Not very big but big fun!

Paul with a nice one in deep water.

Rick Finke

Aiken caught this one off the rocks north of Lynn

August 31: Summer is coming to a rapid end but there is great fall fishing yet to come. Having said that, the fishing in the Harbor (and elsewhere along the south shore and Cape) has been very slow for the past two weeks. Very difficult for the light tackle and fly fishing anglers. Here are some pics from before the slow down:

Frank Ravinal

Frank's son


Justin (on live bait)

Sometimes kids just want to jump in the water!

Oliver with one that was hard to hold!


Steve D.

August 14: Clearing winds today after an awesome day of fishing yesterday. Overall, the fishing has been very good for stripers during the course of the past two weeks. Lots of bait, fish, and no shortage of boats! That makes it a challenge at times but it is what it is!!!
Here are some pics:

Pete Foote and his wife on August 3

Week of August 5

Week of July 29

Pics of Kids' Fishing:
July 23: No kid's program today due to heavy rains and pea soup fog early in the morning. We'll be at it tomorrow...

July 22: I had the pleasure of taking Tom Foley, 3rd Base Coach, Dave Martinez, Bench Mgr., and Chris Westmoreland, Equipment Mgr. for the Tampa Bay Rays out for a morning of light tackle fishing for stripers. Tom is the longest running 3rd base coach for Tampa Bay and played for 13 seasons as a major league infielder for a number of teams. Dave has had a prestigious career of 17 years in the majors with many firsts to his credit and a great batting average. Westie has been equipment manager for the team since it's inception. Moreover, these guys were fun to fish with and all around great anglers. We had a number of fish in the short water and off the rocks early in the morning and lost a couple good ones too! The fish came up later in the anchorage but were tough to stay on and even tougher to hook.

Dave Martinez, stripers in the mist

Tom Foley, first to hook up!

Westy, "the closer"!

July 19: Great second week of the Kid's Program! Jared Divasta, Aiden Wislon, and Stephen Douglas (not pictured) were fun to fish with and had a fun time too!!

Aiden had the first keepr of the week

Jared landed this beauty...

Aiden with a keeper Black Sea Bass

July 10: Fishing has improved over he past two days. We fished the rocks around the tip of one of the islands yesterday and just off the channel today to find lots of bass feeding on 5" herring. A combination of unweighted sluggos and weighted DOA baits worked very well to land a bunch of stripers up to 35 inches. Pics below:

James & Johnny

Johnny caught his beauiful 18 pounder

James and he Squid :)

Collin scored big today!

A triple yesterday!!!

TJ's keeper from yesterday

July 8: Well, it's been a few weeks since I updated my report. Lots of rain during June and lots of heat over the past week, but you already know that! We're also seeing lots of baitfish, mainly herring and still mackeral, and stripers feeding on the bait but moving really fast ~ hard to get in the deep water. We're seeing surface feeds but they are short-lived as the schools of bait and bass are moving quickly. The usual soft baits and buctail jigs are working equally well and the fly fishing has been much better when we've fished structure around the islands. Today began Session 1 of the Kids' Fishing program. We baited and set our lobster traps and got a bunch of very large macks with the assistance of a couple of friendly anglers who were chumming up bunches of them! My charter on Sunday produced a handful of small bass and one nice keeper on light tackle. CJ Donovan, his wife Rachael, her sister Rene and Rene's husband Matt had a great time.

Matt & Rene

Yesterday's charter was flyfishing only. Michael Hart and his girlfriend Kara used 7 and 8wt rods to catch and release some nice bass with the exception of one very nice fish caught on the 7 wt and kept for the grill. All fish save for one taken on structure. Herer are a few pics:

Large yellow/white deceiver on a 7 wt, 32" striper

Kara perfected her cast and was rewarded...

Off the rocks

June 19: The striper fishing has been very good, providing you are there at the right time and right place! Early morning bit has been good but last weekend we had some great action Saturday evening. Sunday morning the bite died early and we resorted to fishing for flounder. We're seeing bass on schools of herring and also finding them on structure. We're beginning to see some buefish, as well. Be low are pics of last weekend and the week before during the Thompson Island Fishing Tournament, a fundraiser for the TI Education Foundation ~ a great cause and a fun time!

May 29: It's been windy and rainy all week. Yesterday it blew but today the wind laid down to @ 14 WNW. I wasn't going to fish but heard about a pretty good feed offshore. Found plenty of nice big bass feeding on macks. Broke out the 8wt fly rod loaded up with a new Orvis 300 gr. Depth Charge line (sweet:) and large lavender/white half & half. That was the ticket for me! Handful of really nice fish and eachj one took me into the backing in @ 118' of water. Beautiful!

May 19, 2013: Headed out for a solo fly fishing excursion this morning and found the bass at the same location as yesterday. Nothing very big today. In fact all the fish were below 22". Still, it was fun to get our and catch a bunch on the fly!

May 18, 2013: Late getting started for me but a great way to begin the season with John Unsworth, his daughter Eleanor and her boyfriend Bill. Mostly light tackle using 6" white sluggos on weighted hooks and DOA soft plastics. Since the harbor was slow we headed outside and to the North where we found loads of small bass feeding on very small baitfish 2" max about 2 hours into the going tide. Bill hooked his forst one on the fly but quick released it near the boat ;). Eleanor landed a 29.5" striper for the grill which was the largest fish of the day.

November 8, 2012: The fall run never produced the numbers of fish seen in the past on a consistent basis. There were still numbers of large fish taken on live bait until the bait peetered out. Around the third week of October the fishing got better in the harbor and there were lots of small fish in Dorchester Bay and in the anchorage, but by then I had already pulled for the season. So it goes... Fishing is never a sure thing and those of us who have been doing this for many years well know that! And there is always next season :). I'll leave you with some photos of my last couple of triops of the season:


Capt. Wayne

September 12: Last weekend I had the pleasure of guiding Vince, a Florida boy, who now makes his home in Corpus Christi, TX. Saturday was tough sledding and instead of bass we were chasing small blues in Q Bay. The fishing improved on Sunday and we ran outside to find some working terns over silversides and peanu bunker. Below were a mix of blues and striped bass, mainly stripers. Vince had a handful of small ones and a larger one that got away when his reel jammed up! Vince's cousin William came along and landed a nice 34 incher for the grill.

Summer flew by and I have been so busy that I just haven't had a chance to post a report. Sea Bass and Blues... Below are some pics of Week #7 Kids' Fishing Program:

The Week #7 Crew

August 19: Bill Escheld and friend Dereck joined me for a morning of light tackle fishing (and to celebrate Dereck's 50th B-Day!). We had some good action fishing structure off one of the islands. Dereck lost what may have been a very large fish when the line got cut off on something. Bummer! Bill proceeded to fool 3 or 4 keepers in the shallow water. We moved into the bay and found a number of small blues that took both flies and pencil poppers. No pics as both are camera shy ;)

Agust 18: Tom Knapp took his dad and son for a morning of light tackle/fly fishing. Bass fishing was very slow but we found a bunch of willing blues to take our poppers. No so on the fly much to Tom's disappointment.

Father and son

Proud of my bluefish!

Tom's dad (bluefish king of Jamaica Bay) with a nice keeper bass

August 17: Images of week #6 of the Kids' Fishing program:

Tag and release

Julia helps Nolan with his keeper

Katie wanted the fish as far away from her as possible ;)

Mitch's keeper: all smiles!

Julia got one too!

August 11: Week #5 of the Kids' Fishing Camp was a slow one and we had to resort to dragging the tube & worm rigs to catch a handful of nice bass. Leo caught a small blue casting a spinning rod. We had some follows but not many hook ups. We moved the lobster traps and Aiden got a nice one! Tons of crabs but that was just fien with Olivia and her brother Elijah. Tuesday was a beautiful day and I guided John Poulos and his party around the harbor and to the north. Very slow... Only 3 fish caught and all by Stephen. Tough sledding...Here are some images of the past week:

Stephen doesn't look happy but he was!

Aiden, Leo, Elijah, Olivia

It's not all about fishing!!

Leo with a nice bass

Aiden with a good one!

Olivia with her second keeprer! Way to go!!

Elijah was patient and it paid off :)

Nice one, Aiden!

Leo with the only blue of the week. Nice fight too!

 Aug. 2: Last day of week #4 was a good one! All caught fish as we found a mix of small keeper bass and bluefish. Below are some images of the day:

The Crew: Ethan, Aiden, Justin, Collin

break time

our mascot...

July 31: The Kids' Fishing Program started out with a beautiful day yesterday, snagging pogies and fishing for black sea bass. Today, the current in the gut was way too fast to fish for sea bass. Collin caught a nice bass inside QBay and later in the morning we ventured outside to find working birds, and a mix of blues and bass feeding on herring in the sound.

Ethan Kulin strikes first!!

Aiden gets the next one!

Collin caught this nice bass and a few more blues and bass...

Justin is onto a big blue!

Nice one, Justin!


July 28: Lots of pogies and some very large bass in the harbor these days. Sporadic surface activity with both bass and blues and some nice fish taken off structure. My charter yesterday produced a monster 35+ pounder on a snag hook, in the lip! Probably had a pogie on and the big bass gobbled it up :). Twelve year old Decklin fought this fish like a pro!!

Decklin also had fun with a small blue and this 14# striper!

Pretty good week for the Kids' Fishing Program. We didn't catch tons of fish but everyopne caught and released (and kept) some nice bass. And the weather cooperated!

Mitch Reid with one of his 3 keepers on light tackle!

Will was happy to catch and release this one!

Brendan caught this one on the first day!

Way to go, Gus!

July 21: Dan Christamsis and friends Steve, Kyle and Steve and Kyle's dad Jim (all hailing from Canada) joined me for a morning of light tackle fishing. We found lots of bluefish in one of the bays to the north. Dan and Steve (who is soon to be married) not only caught blues but their very first stripers! The bluefish were taken on pencil poppers and the bass on bucktail jigs. No photo of Kyle but he did catch fish!

Steve with a nice blue



July 19: Overall, it was a rather slow week of fishing for the kids this session. We managed to coax a number of blues in the bay but only one hook up. Earlier in the week, Vistor caught a nice bass. We did get two lobsters in our traps and caught a bunch of nice mackerel, as well.

Victor hoists his bass!

Kevin with a feisty bluefish

July 18: Barry Woods of Oregon booked me for an afternoon of fly and light tackle fishing with friend Brett. The trip was abruptly shortened due to impending thunder storms but not before Brett pulled a schoolie off the rocks at Spectacle I.

July 17: Awesome day on the water! I had the pleasure of guiding David Powell and his colleague Andrew, both from Australia, this morning for a fly and light tackle trip. Right off the bat, David coaxed a bunch of nice stripers off the rocks in QBay and Andrew had his chances but the large white sluggo was no match for the fly. Around mid-morning, especially towards the top of the tide, the anchorage lit up and we found that a smaller (6") Arkansas Shiner sluggo fished unweighted outfished the fly. We switched to a larger  clouser type sand eel pattern that worked well fished on an intermediate line.

This one took an all white seadfucer fished on an 8 wt. intermediate line

One of the many fish caught and releaszed in the anchorage today :)

July 16: Great group of kids this week! Went in search of macks but had no luck! They weren't in the usual spots and thanks to a little help from my friends we were able to live line a couple. One good pick up of lost a good fish after a big run. After seraching for bait and bass outside, we found a nice school chasing bait in the bay. These fish were really moving and hard to hook. Jake got a nice schoolie on a sluggo and Collin had one on too but alas it spit the hook at the boat.

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Victor, Collin (behind), Sam, and Jake

July 14: Lots of boats out on the water this morning and lots of anglers livelining macks and pogies AND catching some very large bass. Since my bent is fly and light tackle fishing, I don't do a whole lot of live bait fishing. Today, I didn't have to... Ryan McGinity and his dad had as great time catching bass on light tackle. Ryan pulled a nice one off the rocks near Cohasset and the remaining fish were caught in a large school feeding aggressively outside the harbor. The fishing has definitely picked up!

Ryan McGinity

Ryan and his Dad

July 13: Got back from a week in Barcelona the other day and fished with my buddy Capt. Norm Hyatt today. Norm outfished me but we both caught some nice bass on unweighted sluggos and had a great time on the water.

Capt. Norm

Finally! I caught a fish ;-)

June 29: Had the pleasure of guiding Charlie Peters and Michael Cunningham, from North Carolina, this morning. We had a nice bite early then picked fish off the shoreline and structure in the Bay using large white Sluggos. Michael landed this nice fish off Peddocks I and lost what we think was a better fish in another location. I'm sure the fish will be a 40 pounder by the time Michael reaches home tonight! You know how that goes... ;-)

June 28: Weeke #1 of the Reel Dream Kids' Fishing program ended on a high note for Sam Bellomy whose brother Max handed the rod to Sam after hooking this nice linesider. Oh yeah, we got one lobster too!

June 27: Fishing has picked up this week and today we found fish on top busting on bait. Although the chop made it somewhat hard to stay on the fish, these bass were feeding heavily for a couple of hours on the drop. Here are some picks of the week, so far:

Spencer needed a hand with this nice 35" bass!

Max landed a small keeper today, June 27.

Harry got a couple of nice fish today :)

June 20: Beautiful morning on the water. Neil Saward and his girlfriend, Annie, joined me today. We never made it off shore but rather fished structure inside the harbor with large whire sluggos and fooled a few nice bass off the rocks.

June 19: Schools out for the summer! Jake and I set my lobster traps and then ran outside the harbor to find a nice school of bass just a couple of hours before the top of the tide. Jake landed this beautiful 32" striper on a 3/4" jig tipped with a soft plastic D.O.A. lure.

June 14: Fishing has finally begun to pick up after the storm and windy/rainy weather a week or two ago. We're seeing lots of bait in and outside of the harbor and fish showing outside and inside the bays. This fish was taken a few days ago and although not a monster, it was a nice and healthy 30 incher!

Angler: Stephen Woodsum

May 29, 2012: Sunday morning the tide was right, the weather was good, and the anglers were eager. The fishing was slow... We were lucky to find some action, albeit short lived, and both Victor Moldanado and his son (little Victor) double hooked up to twin 29" keepers (one on the fly and the other on a jig and soft plastic jerk bait). Little V sadly lost a big one close to the boat when the hooked popped. Lots of baitfish in the harbor today but the fishing remained on the slow side...

February 12, 2012: Went to the boat show yesterday and zeroed in on a new GPS/Sonar unit for my boat. Ordered new fly lines, and starting to get my flies, lures, and tackle organized. Still need to have a few reels reconditioned but there's time to do that! The winter has been so mild, although we're feeling the chill in Boston this morning! Like most of my guide friends and fishing buddies, I can't wait for the fish to arrive in early May. Last year, we had really great fishing (for the most part) from May right through August. Unfortunately, the fall run never really got going and this is beginning to look like a  pattern. But as we all know, fishing can be unpredictable and one never knows... If you were into live-lining, there were some monster bass and bluefish hangning below the schools of menhaden in the fall. I'm beginning to reserve spots for my Kids' Fishing program which starts up on June 25 and of course accepting reservations for charters which will begin in May.

Sept. 26: There are still schools of bait in the harbor, including herring, silversides, and pogies along with bluefish and very large bass. The traditional fall blitz has not yet happened and the fishing has been slow for this time of year. We're all waiting with bated, or baited breath ;-).

Picture of Sam Dyer taken a few weeks ago

Sept. 5: Happy Labor Day! The fishing in the harbor over the past few days has been very slow with respect to working birds and breaking fish, at least in the mornings. For the fly and light tackle enthusiasts, working the structure inside the harbor, casting around boulder strewn flats, rip rap around the islands, and white water along the outer habor islands have produced some nice fish up to 31". Choice of flies have been 5-6" herring patterns and smaller silverside patterns. Larger 7 " white sluggos fished unweighted have produced some nice fish, including the two below for Bob and Jim Scoon. There's much more fishing left in the season and I can't wait for the fall run!

Bob Scoon

Jim Scoon

Sept.1: Pre-Irene photos: The storm hasn't pushed the fish off, so now is the time to book your next trip before or during the fall run.

Sam Dyer with a nice bass off Long I.

Rick Dyer

Hylton Souther

Grant Souther

Aug. 20: Dave Pope and his son Cameron joined me for a morning of light tackle fishing. The fishing continues to be on the slow side but we managed a handful of fish, including two keepers up to 31+ inches on structure.

Dave and Cameron

Cameron Pope

Aug. 18: Got rained out on Monday so we extended the days to make up the time. Tuesday and Weds. we had great action but the bite stalled on Thursday ~ beautiful weather... Below are some pics of the week:

Sanyi Voros




Aug. 14: Enjoyed a really nice morning of light tackle fishing with Kevin Brunning and his son.

Aug. 13:The early morning bite had slowed down a bit over the weekend only to pick up an hour or so prior to the top of the tide. On Saturday, Taylor Wray and his girlfriend (whose names escapes me) had  a good morning using light tackle for stripers.

Taylor Wray with a nice one off the rocks!

Aug. 12: I had a great crew of boys from Marshfield and Scituate this week. The weather cooperated, even with the week starting out with thick fog, and with the exception of Weds., we managed to find fish every day! Yesterday was awesome with a good bite at the top of the tide and on the drop. Got a couple of keeper lobsters this week but the catch is thinning out... The boys also tagged and released stripers for the American Littoral Society.

Anthony with the big fish of the week at 35"!

Chris with a nice striper!

Greg had a few nice fish this week!!

Aug. 4: Last day of week #6 and some great pics!

Mitchell fights a good one!

Nice one, Mitchell!

Julia caught and released o couple of nice bass today!

Lobsters too!

Nolan had a nice bass the other day :-)

Aug. 3: The afternoon dropping tide was awesome! Greg Sofar and his family shared a memorable time on the water!



Nicholas had the big fish of the day!


Aug. 2: Urban fishing over the weekend at its best and worst! Lots of fish out there on the rising tides but lots of boats, as well. Whereas, most of the anglers were respectful, there are still many that haven't the foggiest clue about boating safety and fishing etiquette. Week # 6 of my kids' fishing program began in earnest yesterday. We saw lots of fish but found it hard to hook up. Mostly, we spoent a good portion of the morning learning how to cast and retrieve ~ alway a good thing! The kids will be back at it today!

July 31: Dave Granger, professor and avid fly fisher from Utah (originally Idaho) and his colleague Marcus, who hails from Germany, spent a pristine morning catching and releasing stripers and blues. Well, we actually lost a couple blues at the boat who bit off our flies.

Marcus fighting a fish (obviously ;-)

His first striped bass (well, maybe it wasn't his first of the day...)

July 29: Peter Young from Manchester, UK, and his wife (or maybe gf?) Angela and her son William, joined me for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. The fish were popping up here and there and moving around quite fast during the early morning hours. To be honest, after 3 hours of trying to catch fish it was looking pretty grim. The fish did come up and we found a sustained feed that pleased all anglers and saved the day (for me ;-).


Peter Young

July 26: The past two days of fishing have been nothing short of epic for the kids fishing program! The boys are catching, keeping, tagging, and releasing numerous keeper bass, including one 35" 16# beauty that Justin fooled on a large white sluggo.





Kevin with a fish we tagged

July 24: rick vaccarelli and his fiance, tina, jopined me for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing to celebrate rick's big birthday! the bass were scattered throughout the east side of q bay and hard to get onto, much harder to catch. after we got rained on a bit, we found a nice school of fish and made a number of drifts to catch and release a bunch, keeping a couple for the grill ~ including a nice 33" fish that tina caught on a bass assassin'!


happy birthday rick!

July 23: Charlie, Sean, and John came out today for an enjoyable morning of fishing and time on the water. We had the fish at the same location as yesterday but not quite as many. Harder to catch and it seemd the fly was the ticket as my light tackle lures just weren't working! Again, the bass were feeding on river herring and took a small silverside pattern. We had to wait out the storm at Quincy Yacht Club but found the bass busting on bait after the storm had passed.

Charlie and a keeper for the grill...

July 22: Achim  from Heidelberg, Germany and his colleague Hunter, both cell microbiologists, joined me for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. The fish came up really good on the outgoing tide and were aggressively keyed into feeding on small herring. We didn't catch as many as one would expect but it was a great day on the water.

Achim with a nice 33" linesider


July 21: Although the week began on the slow side with respect to bass fishing, things improved significantly toward the end of the the week. The kids all caught bass, some keepers, some we tagged, and most we released. Sam, our youngest onboard, captured a really nice blue! We also caught some nice tinker macks, crabs, and lobsters!

Max, Sam, Steven, and Andrew

catch of the day!

July 16: What a difference a day makes!! Greg Shiferman and his friends had a truly outstanding day catching very large bluefish and nice keeper bass. Most of the fish took top water soft plastic jerk baits and hard stick baits. These fish were feeding  aggressively on mackerel in the deeper water. At one point, I saw a small pod of bluefin tuna crashing on bait less than 100 yards off my bow. What an awesome sight!

Larry caught this blue that weighed in at @ 12 # on the boga.

Pierro with a nice bass :-)

Greg also landed a big blue!

This was the biggest fish Chris ever caught!

nice catch!

July 15: George Beal and his two close friends joined me for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. It was a perfect day (weather-wise) and we found breaking fish off the Graves but the bite wasn't long-lasting. Tough day for fishing as the bass were few and far between today. I'm told that there was an very good bite in the mid to late afternoon in the North Channel. Who says mornings are always better?!

July 13: Loads of fish feeding aggressively in the harbor but very selective and extremely difficult to catch! So much bait... We finally scored some lobsters and huge crabs in our pots, so that was good!

Steven with a fish we tagged and released.

Moved the traps to deeper water and voila!

Kevin released a nice keepr bass today!

July 12: Another good day on the water with lots of bass feeding aggressively in the deeper water and showing up in spots in the bays, as well. The kids all caught fish today and Sam and Steven kept a keeper for the grill. One of the fish had what appeared to be a butter fish partially digested in its stomach. The bass were feeding on what looked like large herring, possibly tinker macks.

Kevin C.


Steven with first fish on!

July11: The fishing in harbor has definitely picked up since Sunday with lots of bait and bass that have moved in, finally! We're also doing better in the deeper water with big school of very large bluefish and bass. The Kid's Program started the third session with a bang yesterday. Steven D. hooked a 35" buefish which he brought to the boat and we promptly released after pics. Kevin caught a few nice fish including a keeper bass which we tagged and released. Sam got cut off but also landed a nice bass and TJ landed and released a good blue!

Steven could barely hold this bad boy!

Does Kevin look happy, or what?

TJ with another big blue!

Sam Morgan with his first striper of the season!

July 10: After a rain out a few weeks ago, Victor Maldonado, his nephew ricardo, and Victor's friend Clay joined me for a beautiful morning of fly and light tackle fishing. On a tip from Capt. rich Armstrong, we found a willing school of mostly keeper bass feeding aggressively on baitfish in relatively shallow water. Victor used my levender/gray half & half and Clay and ricardo used buctail jigs and top water soft plastic jerk baits. Th trio tripled up numerous times and just had a great time!

Clay and ricardo

Victor with a fish on the fly...

Nice one on an 8 wt!

July 9: Peg Juckett and her two sons joined me for a long morning of light tackle fishing. Although the day was great and the weather was beautiful, the fishing was extremely slow post cold front conditions. After casting all day to structure, reed juckett caught this nice schoolie off the rocks by nahant. A lavender soft plastic bass assassin' fooled this one.

July 7:
The second week of the Kids' Fishing Program has been fun! We're catching flounder and Philip had a keeper bass on Monday.

Yesterday, the boys caught, tagged and released a couple of small schoolies. Slow fishing today but wde did see some breaking fish and managed to catch and release a few.

Philip with Scott in background hooked up!

The fishing in Boston (inside the harbor) continues on the slow side. Early morning action occurs at selected spots in the bay and we'll see sporatic feeds but no sustained duration. The bait has thinned out a bit since Friday. Saturday's charter had a good time catching flounder but no bass. Swap Shah's 5 year old son, Armand, had a super time!


On Sunday, russ haims joined me with his sons for a morning of light tackle fishing. We had some flounder and did get into some breaking bass later in the morning tide.

Jordan (5) and Jason (8)

July 2:  We're seeing tons of bait in the harbor, including loads of tinker macks, silersides, herring... The bass are keeing into the bait making the fishing tough, at times. A 5 inch herring or sperling pattern fished on fast sinking lines seems to be working well. The Kids Fishing Program finished off the first week of the season. The kids caught a few nice bass and tagged and released a good one on Thursday. The flounder fishing has been good but the lobstering ~ not so much.

Harrison Quillen with a nce flatty

Collin with his first keeper of the season!

Jeffrey caught a skate too!

A bunch of nice flounder...

Collin hooked it, obert reeled it in, and we tagged and released the fish.

June 27: First day of the kids fishing program!!!

June 26:Tough fishing today and tough fishing yesterday, as well. Enough said...

The weather has really affected the bite big time! On Friday, Alex and Sarah, newlyweds from Wisconsin, came out for a morning of light tackle fishing. The fish were scattered and chasing herring up and down. No sustained feeding actiity. Despite the slow fishing and sometimes inclement weather, the couple had a great time on the water.



June 21: Lately, we're seeing scattered schools of fish in and outside the harbor feeding on large herring. Last Sunday, Mark Costello and his Dad, John, joined me for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. The wind was a bit stronger than predicted which made fly fishing somewhat challenging, especially since the fish tended to move fast ~ pushing the bait up and down and all around! Still, a few nice fish were landed before the tide slacked off and so did the bite. Later in the aftyernoon, the fish came up @ two hours into the going tide.


John Costello

June 10: Trip cancelled today due to weather :(. Yesterday, I took Brian Mahoney and his two boys, Kyle and Frank, out for a morning of lioght tackle fishing to celebrate the boys' 9th birthday. The opeartve word was "quality" vs quantity. The fishing was a bit tough but both kids caught keeper bass and Brian caught and releasded a beautiful 39", 20# linesider! All were taken on bucktail jigs tipped with a soft plastic D.O.A bait.

Kyle and Frank Mahony

Brian Mahoney

June 8: This weekend we saw some larger fish move into the bays and  in the Broad Sound area. The Second Annual Thompsom Island Fishing Invitational was a blast and produced some nice fishing and a beautiful day for anglers and guides alike. Charlie Larkin caught and released a nice 39" linesider on a chartreuse and white herring pattern. Peter Smith caight and released the biggist fish of his life (on a bucktail jig) measuring 40" and weighing @ 24# on the boga. The afternoon fishing was tough but George Lewis landed a nice 39+" bass on a bucktail. The bass were typically feeding on herring, silversides, and mackerel.

Charlie Larkin

Peter Smith

George Lewis

On Sunday, Bill Tersky and his family joined me for their son, Nate's 9th birthday celebration.Appropriately, Nate hauled in the largest fish of the day on light tackle using a 1/2 oz bucktail jig tipped with a sluggo tail.

Bill and Nate Tersky

Nate ~ all smiles!

May 31: Hylton Southey and friend Mark joined me for a morning of light tackle fishing. The fish were somewhat spotty, moving quickly, feeding on small silversides, and very selective. We did manage a few nice ones on small metal lures and bucktails.



May 28: Peter Gillis and his girlfriend Amy joined me for a morning of light tackle fishing. In the main, fishing was on the slow side early but then picked up before, during and after the high tide. The bass were feeding on small bait (silversides and shrimp) and were somewhat selective. A half oz white bucktail worked very well. Some nice stripers in the 28-30" range were cauight and released.

Steve Gillis

Dr. Amy

May 21, 2011:  A big surge of striped bass, many in the keeper range, finally pushed into the harbor late last week feeding voraciously on herring. There are also reports of some big  bass outside the harbor on macks. So, after a wet and cold early spring, things are finally busting wide open.

Reel Dream Charters Kid's Fishing Program (photo by Capt. Bill Smith, Draggin' Fly Charters)


August 19: Last day of the Reel Dream Kid's Fishing program. Mixed results this week with outstanding fishing at the outset but slow on the last day. This didn't deter the kids as we had fun catching tinker mackerel and herring, including one incidental bass on the fly! Here are some pics of the week:

Collin Barker with  a nice bass

Joey Ingoldsby with Victor (left) and Leo on the right.

Leo with a striper on the fly!

Hey, this isn't a tinker mackerel!!!

Leo Salkind from Israel
August 15: Charles Dean and his nephew (name escapes me now) came out for a morning of light tackle fishing and had a great time! We caught a mix of bass ndblues with including one unusual looking bluefish with the head of a dorado!!

Charles with an early morning striper...

Charles's nephew with aother nice bass! Can you guess where we were fishing? ;)

Interesting looking bluefish, eh?
August 13: The sumer may be winding down but the fishing has remained strong. Yesterday morning, Kevin Bruning and his son Stephen had some early morning fast action until the tide slacked off. Afterwards, the picking was slow.

Kevin Bruning

Stephen and Dad

The afternoon tides have been very good, as well. David Pope, his Dad Ross, and David's son Cameron joined me for an afternoon light tackle trip on Thursday. Amazing! We were into non-stop action from 2pm until 6pm!!

Cameron (foreground), David and Ross

The Kid's Fishing program had another banner week fishing the morning tides. Below are a couple pics of the week:

Uir with a beauty!

Stephen landed this nice fish (he just needed a little help from his friend Uri to hold it!)

August 6: What dog days??? This past week we have enjoyed some of the very best fishing of the season! Today was no exception. Fred Webb took his two sons, Pete and Joey out for a morning of light tackle fishing. Although there were schools of rather large bluefish outside Pt. Allerton, my party chose to remain inside fishing for stripers. Many small keepers were taken and released. The largest fish was taken on a 1/2 oz jighead tipped with an albino shad sluggo. This one bottomed out my 30# boga grip and I'm guessing weighed closer to 35 pounds!

Joey (right) landed and released this monster!

Pete and Joey Webb

Below are some pics of the week's Kid's Fishing Program:

Sam Irish got this 37# fish tesyerday.

Kevin with a nice keeper...

Adam Bown strikes again!

Sam Morgan with a small keeper...

Uri let this nice one go...

July 30: The fishing started out very good at the beginning of the week and tailed off a little towards Friday. We're still seeing tons of bait in the harbor and good sized schools of bluefish up to 11 # on the outside with stripers in the mix in the deeper water. Took David Bartley of Naple out this morning with his son Loga, not yet 4 yo! Found a nice feed off one of the islands and had fun hooking fish on topwater jerk baits aka sluggos. The action died off at the bottom of the tide although it was still going on outside.

David with son Logan (he was happt wlthough he doesn't look it ;)

On Thursday evening, Leighton Patrick (Australia) and friend Trevor from South Africa had a great evening of light tackle fishing and put their respective countries to a healthy rivalry. I think Australia won this time!

Leighton with a nice bass...

Trevor with a feisty striper.

The kid's fishing program had to contend with some weather during the week but also got into some good fishing, especially at the beginning of the session. Here are some pics of the week:

Sam Jenkins fights a nice blue on the fly!

Way to go, Sam!

Collin got this keepr on Monday.

Stodd caught and released this one!

Nathan was hooking up too!!!

July 25: Those of us who were fortunate to fish the harbor this weekend had some of the best fishing of the season! There is still plenty of bait around and the bass were feeding voraciously on herring. On Friday, Scott Dimare and his son Nick caught and released more stripers than I could keep track of... Nick was keeping count and it became sort of a competition. I think his dad caught one or two fish more but Nick landed and releaed a 30+ pounded!

Scott holding Nick's big one! This one bottomed out my 30# boga grip!!

Scott with a nice fish...

Saturday, despite thick fog in the early morning, also turned out to be a banner day. Dave Grainger and his friend Stephen came out for a morning of spectacular fly fishing and weren't disappointed. What more can I say?

Steve with a nice striper on an 8wt. fly rod. 

David Grainger took this one on my 8 wt Helios!!

A weak front moved through last night and we had to contend with WNW winds from 10-15 mph. The fish showed up right on schedule but the early morning bite didn't last as long as yesterday. Ray Lewis of Chicago and his son, Dr. Mike Lewis, joined me for a morning of fly fishing. It was MIke's first time catching stripers and he had fun christening his 9 wt Orvis Zero G. Both Ray and Mike had an awesome experience fly fishing for striped bass and will remember the day for many years to come.

Ray Lewis with a dandy!

This wasn't Mike's biggest fish of the day but it was his first!

Doubles were not uncommon today!

We moved off to fish a rip by ourselves and had good luck for a while. Later in the morning, the fish came up big time on the flats! What a great weekend of fishing and guiding!

July 19: Week 3 of the kid's fishing program has started off great! After finding a few fish inside the bay, we ran offshore yesterday to find (on a tip from my friend Capt. Bill Smith) a large school of big stripers. The conditions were FAC...perfect! A soon as our lures hit the water, it was fish on! Today, we found stripers in the N. Channel (so did the rest of the fleet;) and a bit later near one of the islands in the bay. We then went further into the bay to catch small bluefish. No legal lobsters to take today though...

Uri with a nice keepr bass!

Mitch landed the largest fish of the day...

Gus released this one this morning...

July 17: Max Cavallaro and his two childhood friends (both named Mike) came out for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. Light to no wind, warm, just a spectacular day. We did find stripers outside the harbor (so did the fleet;) and for a good part of the morning they were kind of tough to get on, moving around chasing herring. We lost a few nice ones and landed some too, including 3 small keepers for the grill. Just a great day on the water!

Max took this on on the fly...

All three anglers were hooked up! Nice!!

Mike fooled this one with a 1/2 oz jig and white sluggo

July 16: It's been a great week for the Reel Dream Charters Kid's Fishing program! Although we had to cancel 2 afternoons due to weather (we'll make up the days), the morning and afternoon fishing (save for Monday in the afternoon which was very slow) the fishing has been outstanding. Today's morning session found schoolie bass just outside of the harbor. Robert caught and released an almost keeper and we hauled up the largest crab I've ever seen in my lobster traps.

Robert with nice striper!

Logan shows off this big boy!

The kids in both the morning and afternoon sessions got into some great fishing just a few miles offshore. Below are some pics of the week, including a very large fish taken yesterday afternoon on a jig tipped with a white sluggo by Adam Brown.

This one bottomed out the boga and weighed 30 plus pounds!

Adam also caught and released this nice 24 pounder!!!

Kevin released this small keeper in hopes of catching a bigger fish ;)

Logan kept this beauty for the table.

The following are some pics of the kids who participated in the morning session:

Big bluefish blitz on Monday afternoon! Or, was it Tuesday???

We caught small keepers too!

Alex's brother Luke got into the game!

Stephen got his first keeper!

Joey caught numerous bass throughout the week...

July 10: Tough fishing today for Carl Borromeo and his son Christian and daughter Natalie's. It was a beautiful morning but the schools of dish out in the sound we have been seeing all week long were not to be found. Decided to fish the Great Brewster I and Christian was rewarded with a nice bass off thr rocks on a bass assassin'. Carl hooked up on the fly but the fish git away as did Natalie's fish that was hooked on light spin tackle. The kids casted around and raised a fish or two here and there but that was all she wrote. Btw, for a 7 year old, Natalie was casting better than many adults!


The kid's fishing program had mixed results as the afternoon fishing was about as tough as it gets. We got lobsters during the week and on thr last day Scott bagged a nice blue on a top water jerk bait! Double sessions this coming week!!!

Scott with a hefty toothy critter ;)

Thuresday morning was an epic day of saltwater fly fishing for David Weinstock and his wife Gianna. We found a nice school of fish off the rocks up north in crystal clear water and it was  fish on for just about every cast! You could easily see the bass swimming around and under the boat and it was cool to see them come up and turn on our white seaducers. What a day!

David and Gianna double up!

a nice 30" fish on an 8 wt.

David took this 39" 22# beauty in the deeper water

July 6: Week #2 of the kid's fishing program began yesterday and the fishing inside the harbor in the afternoon was slow to poor. So, change of plans... There has been a large school of bass and some blues in the mix feeding heavily on macks offshore in the morning. Decided to switch to a morning schedule this week and was rewarded with fishing as hot as the day today! All on board caught and released bass including some small keepers on jigs and top water soft plastic baits. In fact, the soft plastics worked very well in the deep water. All the fish were heavy (for their size) and loaded with sea lice.

Jackson with a small keeper...

Scott kept this one for the grill (his family likes fish ;)

James had a grat time!

July 1: Very windy and cold this afternoon. The fishing has been better over the past couple of days in the early morning with a dropping tide. I'm told late afternoon and early evening has been good, as well. We pulled the lobster traps today and found another keeper lobster and a trap full of skates. We let the skates go ;)... After searching far and wide, we found a school of fish and dropped our jigs down to connect with a handful of nice bass before the tide slacked off and with that the fishing too. Alina struck again with a nice 30+ inch linesider and Sanyi lost a big one close to the boat. Kristen caught a few nice schoolies but unfortunately Noah was fishless for the day.

Uh, should we let it go?

Kristen... all smiles!

Alina with her second keeper of the week!

June 30: The first session of the Reel Dream Kid's Fishing Program has been a great success! The weather has cooperated, even though we had strong winds on Monday, and with the exception of Tuesday the fishing has been great. Alina the "Fish Whisperer" did bag a nice 32" 14 pounder on light tackle just before we headed in on Tuesday. Below are some images of the week. More to follow...

Alina with a nice bass taken on a jig off Thompson I.

Alina gives Jake a hand...

Sanyi got a keeper on the first day!

Am I cool, or what?


Noah landed this nice keeper bass yesterday!

June 27: There has been some very good action in specific areas of the harbor in the early morning hours (very early:). We're finding fish in QBay, the North Channel and the Anchorage on the incoming tide. Inside the harbor, thr fish have been feeding right through the slack high water. Very difficult to catch them due to the amount of boat traffic and the speed with which the school is chasing bait. Today, we had sort of a late start but caught the tail end of the feed outside the harbor and Rick Dyer (check out an article about Rick in today's Boston Globe Parade magazine) managed a couple on the fly including a nice 29 inch fish. Young Noah (only 5) reeled in a few bass on light spin tackle.


Noah and the Capt.

Rick Dyer with a nice fly rod keepr bass!

Yesterday, Dick Gordon and son Charlie, along with his friend Christian joined me a for a morning of light tackle fishing. We found fish off Rainsford I. and in the Anchorage but again these fish were hard to stay on and even harder to catch! It was a great day on the water even though the fish count was not high.

Charles Gordon with friend Christian

On Friday, Charlie Peters and Mike Cunningham came aboard for a fly and light tackle excursion. The fish were mainly located in the North Channel and there were just as many boats as birds (well almost)! Tough catching on the fly but Mike did well using jigs.

Mike Cunningham

June 24: The fishing has been sort of on and off over the past week, or so. Today, we found some activity inside and outside the harbor but it was sparse and short-lived. Tough day fly casting for David Weinstock!

Yesterday, I tool a bussman's holiday with Robin and her son Jake. We found a large school of bass feeding on big blueback herring outside the harbor. The bite lasted through the slack water into the drop and both Robin and Jake had luck on bucktail jigs. Your's truly landed a nice 35" bass on a small silderside pattern. Oh, Robin also caught a seagull that was released unharmed and in good shape.


great fish on my 8 wt!

June 22: Tom Connors, his son Owen, and friend Mark Tuttle joined me for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. The school was in the same location and feeding more aggressively that yesterday. Both Tom and Mark had great success on the fly! It was a bit harder to connect using spin tackle but when he did, Owen landed a 23# beauty that was released in good shpe to fight another day.

Owen Connors with a 23#, 38" linesider!

Mark caught his first of many stripers on the fly today!!!

Tpm with a nice schoolie bass.

June 12: Bob Paglione celebrated his son's 10th birthday today and brought along a friend and his son for the party. The quartet had a great time flishing light tackle for stripers and all on board caught fish!

friend of Bob and his son in the foreground.

June 8: Reports from the harbor over the past few days have been fantastic with birds working over large herring on the inside and big schools of bass, including many keeper size fish. There are still macks on the outside with larger bass under the schools of baitfish. On Saturday, Elya Schwartzman and his son Nathan came out for a morning of light tackle fishing. We got out after the rain, around 7 am, and had a super morning on the water. The sun even came out for a while!!! Both Elya and Nathan caught and released a number of nice fish using buctail jigs and shad bodies.Now is the time to fish, if you've got the time ;-)!

Nathan with a nice schoolie

Elya with a small bass (he did catch bigger fish too!)

May 31: The wind gusted today but we found fish in the late afternoon between Spectacle and the Castle.

Jake with his first striper!

Jake with your's truly...

Robbie is hooked!

May 30: Overall, it was a great weekend to be on the water. On Sunday, there was a large school of bass chasing herring east of thr Great Brewster I and The Graves. Robin joined me for a beautiful afternoon on the water and caught her very first fish ~ ever!


In the morning, James Bandler took his son Daniel and two cousins, Carli and Tyler, for a morning birthday trip in honor of Daniel's 8th birthday. The kids all caught fish casting and then trolling tube & worm rigs.




May 29: Arnie Waters came out for a morning of fly fishing using his Spey rod. Although the catching was not spectacular, Arnie enjoyed his time on the water, perfected his cast, and caught a few fish in the process.

Arnie Waters

May 23: Had we got out yesterday morning before the top of the tide, we would have been into a nice bite in either Dorchester Bay or Quincy Bay. Instead, I put my money on ther outgoing tide and it never really got going! David Pope and his 5 year old son, Cameron, only manged to get a couple of fish and had to contend with a cool northeast wind, which may have put the fish down. The largest was 34" and weight @ 14 # on the boga. It was folled by a wite bucktail jig tipped with a white sluggo.

David Pope and son Cameron

Cameron with his first striper!

May 15: The fishing had been very good in the harbor but alas, another strong cold front pushed through last night accompanied by NW winds that gusted to 30mph this afternoon. This morning, Nicola Denardini and his father, Luciano, who hail from Milan, Italy,  braved the 15-20 mph winds and choppy seas hunt for catch stripers. Nicola was hoping to catch one on the fly but the wind just got progressively stronger thoughout the morning. Unfortunately, there were no working birds nor schools of fish chasing bait in the bays. I moved to a back cove where I marked a number of good fish hanging out between 12 - 30' of water. White bucktail jigs tipped with sluggos produced a handful of bass up to 32".
Nicola fighting a nice keeper bass...

Nicola and his Dad Luciano with schoolie stripers...

Due to the strong winds, I was forced to cancel my afternoon trip.

May 11, 2010: The fishing slowed Monday after a strong cold front pushed through. However, the bass were up in large numbers yesterday! My buddy GW got out late but was into non-stop action for a few hours in the afternoon. Now is a great time to fish Boston!!!

May 8, 2010:  An early start to the season with stripers showing in the bays in good numbers and larger fish chasing herring up by the Charles River locks. Paul Ramage, a "Brit" who resides in France in the Alsace region, had a great time catching and releasing  bass up to 27" on an 8 wt. fly rod. The fly of choice was a gray/yellow/white Rhody Flatwing @ 3-4" in length.

1st fish of the 2010 season!

April 25: The boat is already in the water and after a brief shakedown cruise yesterday, all systems are go! The water temps are beginning to warm up and by the first week of May, we should begin seeing some stripers...

February 25, 2010: As I reflect on last season, I am hopeful that the 2010 fishing season will be much better. We had some memorable days on the water last year but also experienced some very slow fishing outings. The fall run never really turned on the way we had hoped with very few peanut bunker around to hold those schoolie bass and blues. The weather didn't always cooperate with lots of wind, typical of October and November. However, the old expression "hope springs eternal"  can apply to many things in life, including fishing! Most of us who have been around fishing boats for a while know full well that one cannot always predict how the forces of nature and man will affect the fishing from year to year. Many are concerned that the striped bass stocks may be headed in a downward cycle, whereas some would say this season will be much better than last. And we all know that bluefish are cyclical in nature. Last year, we had blues in Boston but not big fish in big numbers. Maybe, this year we'll see those large schools of bluefish again in the Broad Sound and North Channel. No matter what, I am excited about the upcoming season and can't wait to get the boat ready to splash in the water.

2009 Season:

October 10: We had a decent early morning bite in the harbor and the weather was great. Mild, no wind, not much fog in Boston. The fish were on the small side and feeding on small bait, such as minnows and peanut bunker. A small white deceiver pattern worked well for Enoch Huang, whereas small fin's'fish on 1/2 oz jig heads worked best on light spin tackle. Enoch took his 6 year old son, Ian, on his first satwater fishing trip and Ian had a great time. He was very patient and wanted to reel in his own fish, all the time. Enoch's frine Richgard also joined us. Once we lost the tide that was it.

Ian with a nice schoolie!

Enoch with a good fly rod striper

Ian with yours' truly...

Richard with a nice 27" bass

Sept. 30: One of my guide friends reported that he was into some really nice bass and bluefish action for hours this morning. It's definitely on!

Sept. 29: All I can say is that the fishing in and around the harbor has been unpredictable. The past couple of mornings have been pretty good with some top water action on the inside and a better feed on the outside with a mix of bass and blues feeding on peanut bunker. However, the weather has been a huge factor all season long. Ed travelled down from New Hampshire to enjpy some fall action!

Ed with a nice bass and one of many blues below.

On Saturday, Ed Constantini formerly of Minnesotta (now residing in Wisconsin) came out to Boston and was hoping to find that fall blitz action that is typical this time of yesr. With post cold front conditions, the fishing was pretty tough. It was "deader than Elvis" out there, at least for fly fishing. 

Sept 20: Ernie Pagliarini from Pennsylvania and son Mike, who is a chef at Via Matta in the Back Bay, joined me for some lightb tackle fishing this morning. The duo was hoping for bass but all we found were bluefish. The blues were  moving very fast in  Broad Sound making it difficult to hook up. After landing and releasing only a couple, we headed toward the harbor and found a better concentration of fish in the North Channel. We landed a handful on bucktail jigs worked deep in the water column. It should have been better with relatively light wind and a good incoming tide. My sources tell me that the late afternoon outgoing tides have been producing much better.

Mike with a nice 11# bluefish on light tackle.

The day before, Linda and Nick Hiscott,  from Portsmouth, England, came out with the hope of catching stripers and blues on light tackle. With a strong west wind making conditions tough, the fishing was just not easy. We did find some breaking fish off Little Nahant Harbor but got bit off by a blue and only managed to land one small striper before the action died. It was just a very tough day on the water. Did I say it was a tough day?

Linda with her first striper!

Sep. 12: Brendan Kasper and friend Massa (from Japan) joined me for a morning of fly fishing. While we managed some bass on the fly, it wasn't going on like the day before.

Brendan with a nice striper on the fly!

Massa also caught and released a nice schoolie

Sept. 8: Well, what a difference one day makes! It wasn't the British
Invasion, it was a Bluefish Invasion to the waters outside the harbor and beyond the sound. Although I'm back to my ft job during the week, I continue to receive extreme;y reliable reports from fellow guides. Here's hoping the fishing stays strong through the weekend.

Sept. 7: Very slow morning inside the harbor. 'Nuff said.

September 5: No charter today, so I slept in and got out in time to catch the bite on the incomimng tide. It was a beautiful day and using a 3-4" white deceiver, I managed to fool @ 6 stripers before the feed was over. There are lots of baitfish in the form of river herring and silversides but no peanuts as of yet.

September 4: Well, prior to this morning, their had been a pretty good bite north of the harbor. With great expectations and a rising tide, Greg Berardi and his cousin Andy joined me for a full morning of fly fishing. It was a full morning but it was a tough day of fishing. In hindsight, I suspect the full moon tide affected the bite and fish were most likely feeding heavily from dusk to dawn. The bite never happened up north and upon returning to check out the scene in Dot Bay, we found ourselves late to the party. There was a brief bite inside but we missed it. Both Greg and Andy got bit off by big bluefish in QBay and then Andy got a nice bass off the structure around Spectacle I.

Andy with a nice bass on an 8 wt fly rod.

August 26: Back on the water yesterday after servicing the new engine, etc... Mark Tenant and his sons Duncan and Ronan fished with me this morning. We left the dock at 6 am and it wasn't long before we found breaking fish outside the harbor. Mark had a number on the fly and both Duncan and Ronan caught and released their share on light tackle, using bucktail jigs tipped with white sluggos. The trio was into school stripers for a good 4 hours in addition to Ronan's bluefish. The wind picked up later in the morning but overall it was a great outing!

Duncan releasing a nice schoolie

Ronan and Dad with a pair of stripers

Mark Tenant from Redding, CT having a grat trip!

August 20: Every day is different on the water. Today was the reverse of yesterday! Dr. Matthew Budd joined me in the morning for some fly fishing and did manage to catch a few on an 8 wt using a fast sink line. However, the surface activity of the day before never materialized and the fish were kind of scattered throughout QB between Rainsford and Peddocks I. On the other side, my kids' campers had the best day of the week. We were into breaking bass and bluefish in Dot Bay for a solid 2 hours before the thunderstorms chased us off the harbor. All fish were caught on light spin tackle using jigs and 8 yo Victor Maldonado landed a 31" 9# bluefish! Way to go Vic!! And what a great way to end another season of Reel Dream Charters Kids' Fishing camp! Thank you!!!

Yours truly holding Victor's big blue!

Joe has been waiting all year to cast to breaking fish!

Jack landed a bunch of bass AND a nice blue!

Doubled up!

August 19: David Weinstock joined me today for a litle early morning fly fishing. It wasn't long before we got into some nice surface activitiy with breaking bass aggressively feeding on small herring. The action slowed @ mid-tide and David needed to get in early for a meeting anyways. However, my sources tell me that the fish came up again at the other side of the harbor near the top of the tide. It was a HOT afternoon but the fishing was well...not so hot. Sam trolled up a 30" keeper which he decided to release and Jack caught and released a smaller fish. That was all she wrote! We did get a keepr lobster and also went swimming in Quincy Bay.

Dr. David Weinstock

Sam with another nice bass!

Jack's fish was just under the legal limit!

August 18: Nice push of big fish have entered the harbor the past couple of mornings. The afternoons have been on the slow side for surface activity but we're still catching them going deep, or trolling tube & worm rigs. Yesterday, my last camp session began casting for blues in QB but  no luck. The kids and I moved outside the bay to an area that has been good for holding bigger bass. We set up and trolled along a depth between 6-12' and in no time at all Sam Desjardins was battling the heaviest striper he's ever caught. After a few pics, the fat 20# 37" linesider was released to fight another day. Next up was Joe Ingoldsby who landed and decided to keep a nice 29" keeper for the grill. Jack Protentis got into the act and got himself his very first keeper measuring 28".  A nice legal fish to keep. So far, my campers have been very good about releasing the very large fish as they just might be breeders. Last but not least was Victor Maldonado. Although Victor is the youngest onboard this week, he is no less an avid fisherman and  had a great time. Victor's striper gave him a great fight even though it measured only 27". We checked and baited the lobster traps and found a bunch of shorts and crabs. We'll check them again tomorrow.

Sam with his big bass!

Joeseph was all smiles to get his keeper!

Jack was a happy camper ~ as always!

Victor had his hands full with this bass...

Yeah, nice job Victor!!!

August 14: What a difference a day makes! A high, clearing weather system brought beautiful bright skies and although we saw baitfish flipping on the surface, there were no schools of bass or blues below. So, we ran into QB and proceeded to catch buefish on surface lures. This time Michael hooked up with an even bigger blue, weighing 7# and 29+ inches long. Mitch and Alana also caught smaller blues and later trolled up a few nice bass on the tube rigs. All and all, nice way to end the week!

Alana Looney with a nice striper

Mitch Reid with another nice bass!

August 13: Depsite NE winds and choppy seas (on the inside) we immediately ran into a school of schoolie bass crashing on the surface, more than willing to take our bucktail jigs. The action slowed and we broke out the tubes ~ but not for long! The fish schooled up again and we enjoyed a mix of bass and blues for the remainder of the afternoon. No pics today as my camera was acting up :(.

August 12: Fishing strated off on the slow sied with little in the way of surface activity. Ran over to QB and Michael proceeded toland a 6# blue on light tackle. A couple more strikes but no takers. So, we decided to troll the tubes along Spectacle when after landing a small striper, we noticed birds diving and fish crashing the surface. The water was literally raining bait fish with a mix of bass and blues below. The bait initially looked like herring but could have been large 5" sperling or silversides. Great way the end the day!

Nice blue, Michael!

August 11: Week 7 of fishing camp began today with the kids baiting and setting the lobster traps. No fish on the surface to cast to, so we were relegated tro tube & worming. All hands on deck caught fish with the biggest at 25+ inches by Noah Friedman. Tomorrow is another day!

This was a make-up day for Noah. Nice fish!

Michael Looney also landed a beautiful schoolie bass.

Alana Looney shows off her fish before releasing it to fight another day.

Michael Page, back for another season, got into the game...

August 10: No fishing today as my boat was being re-powered with a brand new four stroke engine!

August 7: With the previous morning being so good, I convinced my kids' campers to meet me at the dock at 7am. We found a short flurry of activity and working birds outside but it was short-lived and somewhat disappointing. The cold front had moved in with NW winds, albeit light. The kids were psyched to cast to breaking fish but it just wasn't happening :(. Still, they all had a great time and Sam finally got his keeper bass! Nice job Sam! Kristen also took home a keeper lobster! No pics today as I chose to take videos which will be posted on my site soon.

August 6: Michael B. joined me this morning for a long awaited fly and light tackle trip. We proceeded to run outside and found and excellent bite with stripers willing to take jigs, flies, or surface baits. Although Mike has done a lot of trout fishing, he had never caught a striper (or any other saltewater fish) on the fly. Well, happt to say today he did!

A nice fish on an 8 wt fly rod!

August 5: Make-up day in the morning for one of my camp sessions. Joey Bloomer and Joe Brooks had a fantastic morning with bass busting on the surface in Dot Bay for at least 2 solid hours. There were also fish outside earlier in the morning but we missed the bite as we didn't leave the dock until 8am. In the afternoon, the kids' campers found little top water action and so we broke out the tube & worm rigs to troll up some bass. A keeper lobster was also found in one of the traps!

Kristen and Alina keep one and throw back a few...

Joey Brooks

Joe Brooks caught and released a bunch today!

August 4: Tim and Rebecca Write from Louisiana booked a light tackle trip as part of their vacation in Boston. It was an incredibly beautiful day on the water but the fishing started off very slowly. We found a few fish popping here and their near Georges I but really didn't get into any good action until and hour or so before the high tide in Dot Bay. So, the trip started off with a whimper but ended with a bang!

Rebecca with her first striper

Tim Write got a bunch on surface jerk baits...

Day 2 of the kids camp and there were no fish on the top to cast to so we opted to troll tube & worm rigs but did catch a handfull of bass, including a nice 31" keeper by Alina "The Fish Whisperer" Carroll.

Ok, this looks bigger than it really was...

Another nice fish!

Crane Friedman with the first fish of the day

Kristen had fun too!

Sam's fish was almost legal. Close but no cigar, Sam!

August 3: A new kids fishing camp session began today with Crane Friedman, Kristen MacNeil, Alina Carroll, and Sam Irish. What a spectacular day (weather-wise)! Alina landed the first fish casting a Bass Assassin' and also the largest fish which measured exactly 28" (on a tube rig). Kristen landed a nice 27 incher and Sam's fish was just shy of 28. Crane's turn tomorrow...

Alina with a small schoolie C & R near Governor's I flats.

Kristen did a nice job landed this one!

Sam was admiring his catch!

Alina with a fish on in 3 feet of water!

Nice fish Alina! Hold it out just a little farther...;)

August 2: Dr. Ezra Stern, a fellow in medicine, came out this morning accompanied by his parents who were visiting from Israel and wanted to check out the harbor. Ezra's first time fishing in saltwater and we got off to a "late" start. Missed a good bite earlier in the morning and found fish popping up and down between Rainsford and Peddocks only to catch and release one schoolie. Later in the morning, we caught a nice bass on the tube & worm rig near Lovell's. It was a beautiful day on the water but the fishing was slow.

Ezra Stern with a typical schoolie bass

August 1: Newport Folk Festival! Awesome!!!

July 31: Got out early with the kids campers for a double session to make up for a weather day. Although we had missed an earlier bite near the light, we found a handful of birds circling and diving in the shallow water and decided to investigate. We had two nice fish on within minutes, including a beautiful 21 pounder that was caught and released by Stod Rowley. Collin Flibotte released a smaller fish but it was also a nice one! I decided to move a bit offshore just after slack high water and was glad I did! We found some nice schools of bass and bluefish in the deeper water. The kids had a blast and at one point in time we had 4 fish on!!! That was interesting as Sam Jenkins was using a fly rod while CollinBarker, Collin Flibotte, and Stod Rowley chose to use light spinning rods.  BTW, Sam was thrilled to catch his first bass and bluefish on the fly! When things slowed outside, we moved back into the bay and found a few snapper blues before the sky opened up on us. Great day and terrific end to the week!

Stod needed Collin to help him hold this big fish!

Sam fights his first fish on the fly...

A feisty bluefish!

Collin Flibotte with a nice schoolie bass.

Stod with a typical 5-6# bluefish

July 29: I had the pleasure of taking Jeff Rausch and his colleagues Larry and Bill who were in Boston this week for a conference. Jeff and Larry preferred fly fishing while Bill opted for a spinning rod. Interestingly, it seemed that the fly outfished spinning lures today. With a little help from our friends (thanks, Capt. George), we found some large school of bass and blues to the north in the deeper water. Although these fish moved quickly, we were able to snag a handful, including a nice 20# linesider fooled by a small silverside pattern. Back inside, there were fish around the islands in the narrows. We also hit upon some good action around structure in QB before we lost the tide and headed for the barn.

Jeff Rausch

Larry with his first ever fly rod striper!

Bill with a small schoolie and Jeff with a fish on!

In the afternoon, the kids campers were less successful with respect to catching fish. We had numerous fish chasing and swirling at our poppers in QB but no takers. So, we opted for tube & worming at a different location and caught and released two nice fish before calling it a day.

Collin Flibotte with his largest striper (33', 14#) Way to go Collin!

Stodd Rowley with a fish just shy of legal. Can you guess where we were???

July 28: Dr. Drew Hyland, philosophy prof at Trinity College, joine me for a morning of fly fishing, and only fly fishing. I'm told yesterday was pretty good but this morning ~ not so much... We did find a rather large school of bluefush maurading around outside the harbor but these fish were tough to stay on. The kids campers had better luck in the afternoon. We raised a  handful of fish in B, caught and released a couple of nice schoolies while casting bass assassin's, and lost a huge bluefish. I decided to run to a different location and troll tube & worm rigs. We only caught 2 more fish but... the small one was 14# and the larger fish (released to fight another day) weighed in at 22# on the boga! Nice job kids!

Colin could hardly hold this one which weighed 14 pounds and measured 33". What a fatty!

Sam wanted to release this big mamma

Colin's first striped bass. Too bad the LCD on my camera wasn't working:(.

Sam Jenkins caught and released this fish on light tackle

July 25: Well... what a difference a day (storm!) makes. After the big blow on Friday, the harbor was like a desert. No sign of working birds or breaking fish. Didn't even mark any fish!!! So my sports (Chuck Donovan, son CJ, and friend from N. Carolina Rob Curry)  fished the rocks along the outer harbor islands and managed to catch and release 4 nice schoolies and one monster weighing 20#. All fish were caught on top water soft plastics. No pics as I couldn't find my camera! Duh...

July 23: No charter today, so I did a morning camp session. Got out a bit too late to catch the early bite but noticed birds working near the Gut. Hard to get on these fish as they were moving fast. We did hit a small pod of fish near a ledge in QB and Joey bagged a nice 32 incher on a bass assassin" (unweighted). Got a bunch of juvenile lobsters to throw back and one very large egg bearing female ~ also threw back. The rip didn't produce well mid-morning as it had yesterday. Nasty weather coming in but hopefully things will clear and settle down for Saturday's trip.

Joey Brooks was definitely high rod this week!

This big female went back to lay her eggs..

July 22: The bass fishing remains strong in the harbor. Bill Eichold and his friend Derek joined me for a fabulous morning of light tackle and fly fishing. We were into fish all morning and these were fiesty schoolies ranging from 25-27 inches.

Derek with a typical striped bass.

The kids had a tremendous afternoon with loads of bass in the Narrows and in the rips. So much bait (small herring) that the fish were somewhat selective out in the deeper water. However, in the rips, it was a fish on every cast. Joey Brooks had the largest fish which measured out at 31".

Nice fish Joey!

Joe Bloomer landed a nice one too!

July 20: Marty Eng a pharmacist from Kansas joined me for his first time ever fly fishing. With FAC conditions, plenty of willing schoolies, a good instructor (yours truly ;), and a background in karate, Marty got the hang of it in no time at all! There were schools of fish in a variety of locations all over the harbor. The bass were feeding on small herring and we had good luck with a gray/yellow/white silverside pattern.

Marty with a nice fly rod striper!

In the afternoon, Sanyi Voros, Joseph Blommer, and Joey Brooks came out for an afternoon of fishing camp. Of course, the wind had picked up and there was no bird activity or surface feed to see. However, we found a few bass and bluefish casting unweighted bass assassin's and trolling with a tube & worm rig. Joey managed to fool and land the largest striper of the day AND the biggest bluefish weighing 8# on the boga.

Joey with a feisty QBay bluefish and schoolie striper below!

July 18: With FAC conditions, a little fog, and threat of isolated storms (that never materialized), Ross Murphy of Tulsa, OK, and his sons Connor and Sean joined me for a morning of light tackle fishing. Although we didn't see the sustained blitz in the channel, we were into fish the majority of the morning. We found bass feeding on the surface and also along some of the rip rap around the islands. The largest fish of the day measured 32" and was the biggest stripe Connor ever landed (and released)!

Connor with a great fish on light tackle.

Sean and Connor with a couple of schoolies...

Ross was into it too!

A triple! What a great morning of fishing!!

July 17: The kids campers had an outstanding last day of fishing and were into fast and furious schoolie action for @ two solid hours. All the fish were taken on surface lures and jerk baits.

Sam Abrams with one of many nice fish!

Breylen Ammen shows off his fish!

Adam Brown with a fish on!

and this is it!

July 16: I guided Paul from Michigan and his daughter Melissa and son Nate for an outstanding morning of light tackle fishing. The fish were mainly feeding on small herring and were busting on the surface non-stop for the better part of the morning. What a trip! Given the weather reports, the afternoon camp session was rescheduled for ther next morning.

Nate shows off an average size schoolie.

Melissa caught and released many of these puppies...

July 15: I guided a few anglers today as part of a multi-boat charter for Capt. Bill Smith. We got off to a late start and things were very slow. However, we fished a rocky shallow water flat to fool a beautiful 18# striper on an unweighted soft plastic jerk bait. The angler Drew Barber, a summer intern with the Skadden Law firm, was no less a novice to the sport!

Drew Barber with a beauty!

July 14: We left the dock at 8:00am in hopes of finding working birds and bass and we were rewarded! Everyone caught and released decent size schoolies using spinning rods and 3/4 oz bucktail jigs. After the action died off, we trolled the tube & worm rigs on a flat and hooked up with what we thought was a snag. As we got closer to the "snag" the libne began to move. No snag... it was a 42" 25# linesider that was promptly released to fight another day! This one was truly a team effort!!

Nice job guys!

Adam with another nice striper

Breylen with a fish on!

Nice fish, Breylen!

July 13: Once again, there were bass outside the harbor after first light and loads of bluefish that fed until the tide slacked off. Too late for my kids campers as we left the dock shortly after 12:30pm. The afternoon foshing was slow and the wind really picked up later in the day. Two fish were caught on the tube & worm rig by Adam Brown and  Sanyi Voros. We also got to see one of the tall ships leaving the harbor. ~ cool.

Adam with a nice schoolie off Deer I.

Sanyi decided to keep this fat 32" bass for the grill!

July 11: Charles Dean and his colleague Keith, who teaches at Queens College in Ontario
, joined me for an incredibly beautiful morning of light tackle fishing. Shortly after first light we located striped bass outside the harbor in the deeper water feeding on silversides. One oz buctail jogs were the ticket! After the action died off, we moved north to find piles of snapper blues and some larger bluefish voraciously feeding on silversides off the beach and out in the sound. Today was the first day in weeks that we saw a good number of working birds and bait fish. The blues were mostly small but fun to catch on light spinning rods and 3/4 oz bucktail jigs sparsely tied. A 7 or 8 wt fly rod would have been too much fun!

Keith shows off one of the larger bluefish... Charles Dean in the background.

One of many silversides that had a very bad day... ;^)

July 10: The morning fishing in the harbor was on the slow side but the campers managed to get a few bass trolling. My lobster traps were loaded with mostly juveniles or throw backs but Gus "The Lobsterman" Muscato shows off a couple of lobsters one of which Kyle Brown took home along with some nice big crabs!

Gus with one keepr and one throw back

The afternoon tide was better and here are some pics of happy campers!

Noah Friedman

Kyle Brown with a 27 1/2" schoolie bass!
TJ McDonald with a tube & worm schoolie

Gus & Kyle double up on the tube & worm rigs!

July 8: Camp was cancelled today due to potential storms in the afternoon that never happened! Go figure? We'll make it up tomorrow and Friday. It was unfishable outside the harbor this morning due to wind and waves, but sources tell me there was a rather large school of bass spotted in the sound. So, that's a good thing!

July 7: Scott Desmari and his son Nick joined me yesterday for a morning of light tackle fishing. Nick had never caught a striped bass, so it was only fitting that he caught and released more fish and the biggest fish of the day than his dad. We found a mix of bass and blues in the bay and a fe more off structure before the heavy rains chased us off the harbor. We also saw the Romanian vessel enter the harbor ~ that was cool!

Nick fooled this nice 12#, 32" striper with a floating bass assassin'

Scott with a nice schoolie bass

Nick's first striper!

Tall Ship from Romania

July 4: Barney Keezell joined me today for some light tackle fishing and to celebrate his birthday! Unlike past years, fishing just wasn't as hot as a firecracker on the 4th of July:(. There were no signs of working birds and really not much bait visible throughout the harbor. Although we located some fish on structure, Barney managed to fool only one schoolie before the NW wind began to crank up and we called it a short day and headed back to the barn. That's fishin'...

July 3: Robert Keys, of Santa Fe, NM, fished with me today and was happy to catch his first striper on the fly. We mainly worked the structure around the outer harbor islands to catch and release a handful of small bass.

Robert Keys with a nice fly rod striper!

The kids campers came out again this afternoon and had to contend with some wind that made casting somewhat difficult. So, we dragged out the tube & worm rigs and caught a a mix of bluefish and stripers up to 27". No lobsters to harvest but we'll be at it agin Monday afternoon.

Gus and TJ double up!

Mitch strikes again!

June 30: The weather continues to wreak havoc with the fishing in Boston. Took George Beal, David Firestone, and friend Nat out yesterday for some early morning fly and light tackle action. Ok, there wasn't much action:(. We had to travel far and wide to locate fish and only managed to catch a few. I did mark a bunch of fish on an offshore ledge but they seemed to have lock jaw! On a positive note, My kids campers had an awesome afternoon casting top water Bass Assassin's to stripers (up to 28") and bluefish. On Monday, we set the lobster traps and tube & wormed up a few bass. We'll be out again today and pull the traps, weather permitting!

Sam Mahler trolled up this nice schoolie

Gus Muscato with his first keeper of the week!

TJ with a nice QB schoolie just shy of the 28" mark

Mitch "The BassMaster" Reid strikes again!!!

June 17: Got my boat back today and splashed it in the water. It's back at the slip and the engine runs like a top! Will this weather pattern change soon???!!! Fishing tomorrow morning and we'll see what's going on. Last day of school for me is June 23, so it won't be long before I'll be out on the water on a daily basis. There are some really interesting tides coming up next week. Call now to book your next trip.

June 13: I fished with Capt. George today as my boat was in the shop for engine repairs :(. There were a good number of bass chasing herring in Dot Bay after first light but these fish were on the move and difficult to catch. We ran outside the harbor to find small schools of bass off the beach and managed to fly rod up a bunch before it got quiet.

June 8: There are lots of stripers in the harbor and early morning has been better, as usual, for surface activity. The other day Joe Lofgren and his partners George, Ed and John fish both fly and light spin tackle. We missed the early bite but found good numbers of fish chasing herring before, during, and after the top of the tide in Dorchester Bay. An unweighted 7" bass assassin' outfished the fly.

Joe Lofgren with a nice schoolie bass

George used an all white seaducer to foll this bass

Ed with a feisty striper...

June 2: Anglers found breaking fish in the Bay during the early morning hours of the incoming tide. Great fun on fly & light tackle! Tom Haynes and his wife, Christine, from Nashville, TN, came out with me for a short, late afternoon charter. It was a pristine afternoon with sun and light winds but not much in the way of surface activity. We ran to a "secrete" spot (not so secrete really) and began marking fish and trolled up a handful on the tube & worm. Largest fish of the day was @ 32". Christine, who is a chef, decided that this one would be perfect for the chef at their hotel to prepare for dinner.

Christine Haynes with a schoolie bass

Tom Haynes with a nice keeper for the grill

May 31: James Bandler, his son Daniel, and Daniel's two friends joined me today for a Daniel's belated 7th birthday fishing charter. We didn't get out until 7ish and missed the early morning surface action near Rainsford I. It was slow going for bass fishing and even the flounder fishing was slow. Guys drifting or trolling live mackeral were doing well picking up bass in various locations. The big fish of the day was 35" and weighed in at @15# caught on a tube & worm rig. It was a team effort!

James Bandler and his crew with a nice keepr bass!

Daniel with a small flounder.

May 30: Dr. David Weinstock and his father-in-law John, both avid fly fishers, joined me for what began as a beautiful day on the water. Well... it was a beautiful day  but the fishing was less than expected. Don't get me wrong, anglers drifting live macks were catching bass here and there. However, we only saw a little surface action in Dot Bay and David managed to fool a nice schoolie on the fly. That was all she wrote! Tough day of fishing... Perhaps the cold front and high pressure systen accompanied by NW winds put the fish down? Just a theory...

David with a nice fly rod bass!

May 25: Happy Memorial Day! Fished the incoming tide this morning about an hour  after dead low. Not much happening inside so we ran outside to find FAC conditions and acres of bass feeding on small bait. Many fish in the 24-26" range but also smaller schoolies in the mix. Landed a nice 31" striper on a 3" olive/white silversides pattern with epoxy eyes. The fish were a bit finicky and you had to strip the fly pretty fast to fool 'em. On the way in, I found birds working bait on the Governor's I flats.

May 23: There were fish off the Sugar Bowl and towards the mouth of the harbor early before the east wind picked up and sort of put the fish down.The bass appeared to be feeding on smaller bait, such as silversides. Hope to get out again over the weekend and will post another report.

May 21: Dwaine Foster from New Orleans fished with me this afternoon and managed to catch his first striped bass on the fly. We had a fairly breezy afternoon which made line management, etc... somewhat of a challenge. Not much happening inside the harbor, so we ran to an outside location to find a couple of good size schools of bass  feeding on large bluebacks.

Dwaine Foster

May 13, 2009: I had the pleasure of taking Roland Perkins and his son Michael out for an afternoon of fly and light tackle fishing. Well, the weatherman had predicted 10-15 knot winds but the reality was at least 20 sustained throught the entire trip. We fished the outgoing tide and did not see any bird activity nor did we mark any fish in the harbor. I decided to run outside and try to find a lee where there might be some bass and birds working over bait. Although we travelled far and wide, we did find some fish to make the day and prevent a skunk on the boat. Damn wind...

Roland Perkins and  Michael Perkins

May 9, 2009: The wind was light and the weather was typical New England ~ ever changing. However, the fishing was just awesome! Took my friend Bob out for early season striper fishing and found a rather large school of bass @ 2 hours into the coming tide. We stayed with these fish for a couple of hours, until the water flooded in and the fish scattered. Ran outside to a favorite flat and fished the grass beds to catch a handful more, including a nice 30 incher. Back into the bay after the tide started moving and found loads of voracious bass on the outgoing stage of the tide. With a full moon tide, it appeared that the fish were feeding on worms as well as herring. The majority were feisty 26" schoolies with a few small keepers in the mix. I actually missed one fish that appeared to be 30+ inches, but it's always the big one that gets away ;-).

Bob Lauzier with an early season keeper

Yours truly...this one took a deceiver pattern                                       First fish of the 2009 season. Deceiver, 8wt, Depth Charge Line

May 2, 2009: Still working on getting all my gear down to the marina but it won't be long before we start seeing the first schools of striped bass chasing herring into the bays and estuaries along the harbor. Lots of good dates available for spring striper fishing so now's the time to book your next trip!  BTW, the Tall Ships will be coming to Boston July 8 so that will be a very exciting time to be on the water.

The Kids Fishing Camp is filling up but I still have room for about 10 more campers. Please email or call me to check on availability.

April 28, 2009: 92 degrees in Boston today! Wow!! Splashed the boat in on Sunday so I'll be ready to do a little scouting next week for early season arrivals. Went cod fishing on the NW corner last Friday with Erik Kulin (Live-Well Charters) and got a bunch of cod and a few haddock. Mostly small fish gorging on sandeels. Great day on the water and great start to the 2009 season!

April 21, 2009:
I spent today getting my fly rods and reels together, spooling up fresh line on my spinning reels, and organizing all my tackle for the upcoming season. So, who's chomping at the bit to get going? My boat is at Marina Bay where the service guys are in the process if bottom painting the hull. Hope to splash it in sometime next week :-). Last year, we had our first keeper of the season on May 11. The tides are looking good in May and we generally find lots of fish toward the top of the incoming tide in the harbor. I'm hearing reports of stripers along Long Island Sound but nothing confirmed, as of yet.

As for the Kids Fishing Camp, I still have one or two open spaces for most sessions except during the week of July 27th. Sign up now!!!

April 4, 2009: With a feel of spring in the air, I've been busy tying up flies for the spring run of stripers. It won't be long...

Bunker Deceiver and the good old Half & Half

March 9, 2009: This weekend sure had the feel of spring! We ought to begin seeing striped bass, mainly schoolies, showing up in good numbers by Mother's Day. Now is the time to book your next spring striper trip!

February 17:
Spring is just around the corner. Right? Well, maybe not but it won't be long before thoughts of winter will turn towards visons of spring striper fishing. I'm having my web site revamped and it shouldn't be too long before the new site is up and running. Should be a bit more concise and easy to navigate around. I'm beginning to book charters AND kids fishing camp registrations are starting to roll in as well.  It should be a great season and I'm excited to begin year 12 chartering in the Harbor and the fifth year of my kids fishing camp. Wow!  Where does the time go? Once again, my boat will be docked at the beautiful Marina Bay in N. Quincy.

Oct. 6, 2008: Reports from the harbor were very good this morning. Surface activity in the bay for at least two + hours or so. Signs of the fall migration, finally!

Oct. 5, 2008: Gwen and Craig Pozega avis fly fishers who hail from Helena, Montana fished with me today. We were blessed with calm winds and flat seas... Worked the are up north by Lynn Harbor and Revere beach but managed only one schoolie bass! Ran back inside the harbor to find a mix of bass and blues in Quincy Bay. Probably were feeding actively most of the morning. But hey, you can't be in two places at the same time! Right?

Craig Pozega and a schoolie bass... first time in the salt for both Craig and Gwen!

Gwen Pozega fights a nice fly rod striper!

Oct. 4, 2008: Tough day on the water with strong NW winds and cold front conditions! Give me a break!! Mike McGee and his colleague Jamie joined me for some light tackle fishing. Jamie landed and released a decent fish right off the bat but Mike would ony catch one more and that was it! Boy, what a tough day...

Jamie with  Deer Island linesider

Sept. 21, 2008: Mike McGee and his friends Michael and Lee fished with me this morning and got right into surface activity after first light in the Sound. There were a mix of bass and blues chasing bait to the surface. There was a very good bite that lasted for a bit and then we proceeded to chase birds and look for breaking fish on the top as we were blessed with calm winds and flat seas. So, it would appear that the fall run is beginning but not yet going gang busters.
Lee with a small keeper bass anf friend Michael with a nice schoolie...

On Saturday morning, BillyWilson anf friends Adam and Natalie came out looking for big blues. It was Natalie's first time in the salt and of course she managed to catch more fish than both Billy and Adam! Never found the big blues that were lurking beneath the schools of pogies. In fact, the pogies had thinned out a bit since the previous week. We ran out to the Sound and fished the north beach to catch a handful of blues and one bass.

Natalie with her first bluefish!                                             Adam with his first blue on the fly!

Sept. 13, 2008: It was an awesome morning for fly fishing in the harbor! No wind and lots of bait and blues. There are so many schools of large bait (menhaden or pogies) in the harbor you can almost walk on them!! Below the bait are very large bluefish and bass tearing them up. The bass are hard to come by as they tend to be lazy and hunker down below waiting for left overs or an easy meal. Dr. David Weinstock and his friend Dr. Stephen Horowitz fished large bunker flies on fast sinking lines and 8 wt fly rods to fool a bunch or really nice bluefish. But the stripers were no fools today... BTW, we're also seeing schools of river herring and baby bluefish around the marina. What we are not seeing are the large schools of peanut bunker considered the harbingers of the fall run.

Stephen fights a very large bluefish on the fly!

David quickly gets into the game!

Sept 9, 2008: Fall is in the air and the those lucky enough to fish the morning tides are seeing loads of bird activity and bass pushing bait to the surface. The area around Georges I. was particularly good the past couple of mornings and the anchorage was holding some large bluefish, most likely feeding on pogies, as well as small herring. There are still tons of pogies especially in Dorchester Bay near the entrance to Marina Bay. The late afternoon tides have not been very good this week but that may change next week. Dare I say the fall run is on? Maybe it's just the beginning of something great to come!

Sept. 2, 2008: There were reports of surface activity this morning with fast moving schools of bass around the Hull Gut and West Gut area. Elsewhere, plenty of pogies and large schools of herring to make the bass kind of lazy... Guys setting up and chunking have been doing really well. The blues keep ripping up baits for the liveliners. Looking forward to things heating up soon for the fall migration to please fly and light tackle anglers, alike.

Aug. 30, 2008: Had the pleasure of taking Rick Dyer and his sons, Adam and Sam out this morning for a fly/light tackle charter. Things were slow... It was encouraging to find a mix of bass and blues crashing on herring around the day marker near Castle I. Plenty of pogies for those choosing to live-line, but we weren't after that kind of action.

Adam Adams shows off a schoolie bass

Aug. 24, 2008:  Alison Adams and her med. school friend Marion joned me for a beautiful day on the water. Alison has been  fly fishing only for a few years and lives in Charelston, VA. Hoping to catch her first striper on the fly, I didn't want her to be disappointed. oth she and Marion did catch a few stripers and yes, Alison did catch one on the fly. But only one... It was very slow...

Alison Adams, Revere Beach/Lynn Harbor area

Aug. 19, 2008: We fished this morning and found bluefish in Hingham, Quincy, and Dorchester Bays. Although the wind made casting a challenge, it was great to catch fish on topwater poppers and bucktail jigs on light spin tackle. With some great early morning outgoing tides and the peanut bunker, the fishing toward the end of the week and into next week ought to be great!

Joseph Brooks with a small bluefish

Aug. 18, 2008: Finally, beautiful summer weather! Last week of the kids' fishing camp began on a high note. We decided to fish the outside of Deer I on the high tide and using the tube & worm rigs trolled up a bunch of bass including 2 keepers (29 and 31 inches) and one bluefish. We then moved off to QBay where we trolled up another small bass before moving to a shallow water spot where we proceded to mark a bunch of fish. Sadly, they wouldn't take our jigs... Additionally, the kids pulled and baited the lobster traps to find one egg bearing female which was promptly released.

Michael Page released this nice keeper bass.                     Joe Ingoldsby with a small keeper (29")

Stod Rowley puts this female lobster back in the water.

Aug. 15, 2008: For David Weinstock and his friend John, the fly fishing was about as tough as it gets today. We logged many miles on the boat and fish a number of areas only to catch and release one 27" bass and two blues! The fish came up later in the morning chasing bait (at the top of the tide) but we were at the dock by then. With better weather, reports of peanut bunker, and a good outgoing tide, next weekend ought to be much better. It won't be long!!!

John had to work hard for this one!

Aug. 13, 2008: Beautiful, sunny day and lots of bait in the harbor. Large schools of herring and pogies. The kids' campers snagged a bunch of pogies to live line and to be used for the lobster traps. Unfortunately, no takers. We did get cut off by bluefish, yes BLUEFISH! There was a good bite in the anchorage with blues but we missed it! We were live lining pogies... In the afternoon, the action remained slow. However, we were able to troll up a bunch of schoolies on the t & w rigs, so the kids had fun. Personally, I'm looking forward to stable weather, peanut bunker, and outgoing tides for the fly and light tackle charters.

Aug. 11, 2008: Neither rain, nor wind, nor generally miserable weather could stop  Matt, Alanna, and Michael from fishing this morning. No surface action with the NW wind and chop, but Matt's first fish on weighed @ 19# on the boga. We landed and released @ 6 more schoolies before heading for the barn.

Matt Seymore's turn today to bag a nice 19# keeper!

The afternoon campers got a break with generally nice weather, no rain, and light afternoon winds. The low tide posed a challenge but we found lots of cookie cutter size bass (24-25") around the flats in the anchorage. The kids landed and released @ 20 bass!

Stoddard Rowely....................................................................Sam Jenkins and Joe Brooks........<*)))><

Aug. 11, 2008: The weather continues to mess with the fishing but my morning kids' camp got off without a hitch (the afternoon session had to be cancelled). Matt Seymore, Mike Page, and Alanna Looney braved a little bit of rain and the wind did pick up as the morning progressed. No fish to cast to on the surface, so we broke out the tube & worm rigs and fished the eastern end of Quincy Bay to land  16 and 17# stripers on the first two passes! A couple of small fish were added to the mix before checking the lobster traps. Two keeper lobsters! When is this weather pattern going tot end???!!!
Kid's Camp veteran Matt Seymore helps Michael  and Alanna show their fish for the camera.

Aug. 7, 2008: Overcast afternoon, threat of showers and thunderstorms... Checked the traps and nada. One undersized lobster and a few skate! I gotta move these traps tomorrow. No surface action and the SE wind picked up in the afternoon. So, we decided to troll tube & worm rigs. The campers only caught two fish today but the first was 40" and weighed 25# on the boga grip. The second was @ 30" and looked dwarfed by the big bass. Not too shabby though...
Graham needed a few hands to heft this cow!                    Crane catches a smaller keeper...

Aug. 5, 2008: I slept in this morning and from what I heard, I'm glad I did! Things were on the slow side and the east wind was no friend to anyone looking to find sustained surface action. This afternoon, the kids campers checked my lobster traps (which I had moved to a new spot) that were loaded with spider crabs! I may have to move them back to my old spot on Thursday... We then headed to Hingham Bay to find surface activity like the day before. Didn't last as long but still good to find fish on top in the middle of the day.
Joe Bloomer is all smiles today!                                                     Jack has a "fish on"!

Exciting fishing from Hingham Bay

Aug 4, 2008: Kids' camp started off a new session with a bang today! After setting the lobster traps, I received a call from Mark O'Sullivan, one of the producers of the MAFishing Report. Get over to Hingham Bay where there are tons of working birds! Sure enough, we found working birds and bass crashing on tinker macks and herring. We luckily dodged the rain and the kids cught bass up to 30" on white bucktail jigs and 3/4 oz jigs tipped with small bass assassin's.
Graham Schwandt with a nice 30" keeper!                            Jack Duffy with a fiesty schoolie bass

Crane Friedman with one of many schoolie bass...

Overall, there has been a bit of a slow down this week after a great week of fishing, mainly during the beginning and middle of last week (of course, I was on the west coast!). There is still plenty of bait in the form of pogies, juvenile herring (3-5") dumping out of the rivers, tinker mackerel, and squid (my local bait shop guy catches these squid on jigs off the Nut Island dock at night).

July 21, 2008: In the main, last week the fishing was very slow. On Saturday, Jim Husk and his daughter, Brittany, came out for a morning of fly and light tackle fishing. We covered a whole lot of territory and to get bit off by one bluefish and  landed only one striper on a bass assassin'. But that is fishing and Jim was happy that it was Britt that caught the bass!

Brittany Husk

On Friday, the kid's campers also had a slow day. One nice bass was landed by Mitch Reid and two keeper lobsters were taken by Annabel and Meg. Still, the kids had a great time!

Mitch Reid .............................................................................<*)))><  Meg & Annabel with lobstas!

July 17, 2008: Week #3 of the Kid's Fishing Camp started off very well with all campers catching fish, mostly on the tube & worm rig. Gus Muscato bagged a nice 19# linesider whereas Annabel Bermejo, Meg McKeone, and Mitch Reid were happy to catch and release smaller bass. There are lots of schools of menhaden (pogies) in the anchorage and QBay as well as herring beginning to dump out of the rivers.  Still on the slow side for fly fishers but that should change with improving tides next week.

Gus with a nice keeper bass!                                              Meg with one of many smaller fish

Annabel Bermejo

On Wednesday morning, we had a make-up rain day for week #1 kid's camp. We deceide to try something different and snagged a bunch of pogies to live-line. First fish on weighed in at 20# on the boga and measured 38" in length. Way to go Jacob Pierce! Unfortunately, we had some more fish on but couldn't keep them hooked.

In the afternoon, the kids were into casting bass assassin's on the surface and caught a bunch of nice bass in the 24" range. Annabel had what I would estimate to be @34", 12-15# striper that sadly slipped out of my hand at boatside, so no pics :(.

July 15, 2008: I had the pleasure of fishing with George and Janet Piskurich, avid fly fishers from Georgia, over the past three days. The fishing, given the time of year and weak incoming tides (through in some wind and a cold front) was spotty to say the least. Janet landed a beautifil 30" linesider off structure on the second day and managed a few more small fish on the two remaining days. Unfortunately, George was fishless on Monday and Tuesday. It wasn't for lack of effort, I can assure you. That's fishing... BTW, they co-wrote a great little book entitled, "A Guide to Guides: Your Perfect Fly Fishing Book", MicroPress, 179 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue, KY 41073, 859-291-1412.

Janet Piskurich coaxed this nice bass off the riprap

July 13, 2008: Today, I had the pleasure of guiding Janet and George Piskurich of Georgia for a morning of fly fishing. It was difficult at best since the wind was at least blowing 17 from the SW to start and gusting beyond 20mph. We worked structure in the lee of the wind to no avail. Picked up a few fish in a spot somewhat protected from the wind but called it short as most of the habor was unfishable today. George and Janet will be back at it tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

George with a schoolie bass.

The Kid's Fishing Camp ended on a high note, well, at least for Mitch Reid. Mitch not only caught the most fish and smallest fish, but also the biggest! While blind casting below structure on the incoming tide in the bay, Mitch landed a beautiful 36" bass weighing 19# on the boga.

Mitch is all smiles hefting this big cow!

During the morning, Ed Moore of Connecticut and Charlie Devems of Charlestown spent a beautiful morning fly fishing instead of working! It took a while for the fish to get going due to the tide and unfortunately, the pair had to leave fish to get back to the dock.

Ed Moore                                                                              Charlie Devens

July 10, 2008: Fishing has been decent inside and outside of the harbor lately. Week #2 of my Kid's Fishing Camp began Monday with all kids catching bass, including a nice 30incher caught on tube & worm by Max Harrison. Dr. David Weinstock fished with me on Tuesday morning and got into a number of nice bass on the fly. On Wedsnesday morning, Capt. Dan DeMarco, Tampa Bay Flats fishing guide, and his brother-in-law Joe Sullivan, had one of the best days of the season for me (and probably the best striper trip they ever had). We hit a nice school of bass in Western Way just after the tide turned and stayed on those fish for almost an hour. We then headed outisde the harbor to fish a flat that held numerous bigger fish aggressively feeding on herring. Using light spin tackle, the pair boated fish up to 38". Dan had never caught a striped bass and proceded to catch 4 keepers up to 34". Joe landed and released the big fish werighing @ 20# on the boga. Today, George Beal and David Firestone had a great fly fishing outing with numerous bass caught and released. The majority of fish were in the 24" range with one fish measuring 28".
Max Harrison with a nice keeper!                                      Kid's Fishing Campers & Capt. Wayne
Capt. Dan Demarco with one of many nice fish!                Joe Sullivan with a beautiful bass on light tackle...

June 7, 2008: Week #2 of Kids' Fishing Camp started out on a high note! No thunder storms!! And the kids caught two keepers ~ 29" on lite tackle spinning (1oz white bucktail jig tipped w white sluggo) and one on the tube & worm. Numerous small bass were also taken on spin & lite trolling.

Gus with a nice 31" keeper                                                Collin with a 29" bass on lite spinning tackle

On  July 4th, Victor Moldanado and his brother, Carlos from Puerto Rico, came out for a morning of fly and lite tackle fishing. We started out early in the rain which fortunately didn't last too long. I commented that I was due for a big fish (usually a mistake) on the way out to QBay. With only an hour or so left in the outgoing tide and a big minus tide at that, not much was going on in the bay. We fished the structure hard and then decided to move to another location. Good move! Began marking lots of fish and big fish too in the deeper channel. We had a very difficult time getting these fish to eat a fly. Victor managed only one on the fly. Carlos, on the other hand,  caught a handful on a bucktail jig tipped w a white sluggo, including a small keeper that measured 29" and a monster measuring 43" and weighing 30# on the boga.

Carlos was a happy man, especially after landing his big bass!

July 1, 2008: Alex Klip and his son, Jonathan from Toronto, joined me for a half day fly and light tackle trip. It was tough going for three hours with only one striper landed on the fly by young Thomas. Hey, but that didn't bother Thomas as it was his first ever saltwater fish taken on fly! And he got it in the deeper water out by the NC Bouy. We ran back into the bay and were delighted (ok, I was relieved) to find a nice school of bass blitzing on small herring. From that moment on, until both had to catch a cab back to Boston, it was a fish on every other cast!

Jonathan Klip with his first striper on the fly!   How cool is that?!

The Kids' Fishing Campers flogged the structure to no avail before heading into the bay and finding the same school of bass we located in the morning. After the action slowed down, we trolled up a few more on the tube & worm before heading back to the dock. Below, Jake and Connor double up!

June 30, 2008: Week one of Reel Dream Kids' Fishing camp began today and all aboard had a great time. And everyone caught and released fish on light tackle and unweighted bass assassin's and trolling the tibe & worm rig. No big fish but my crew caught fish up to 26". A good start!

Max  and Connor are all smiles............................................................<*)))><

Chris and Jake with a couple of nice schoolie bass.

Over the weekend, Cliff Deetjen, his brother Leif, Tom Schneider, Ted Trask, Tom's brother and another friend fished the harbor for two days guided by myself and Capt. Tom Koerber. Friday brought sunshine and hot weather with a number of schoolie bass taken on fly and light tackle. Saturday was cool and foggy, for at least part of the morning. Ted's big fish, 35" and 15#, was taken in the fog off the rocks.

Ted trask with a very nice keeper bass.                                 Cliff D. with one of many schoolies

Leif Deetjen                                                Leif, Tom and Cliff triple up!

Tom Schneider guides for trout in Colorado

On Weds. June 25, Bob Bloomer took his son, Joseph and father-in-law out for a morning of light tackle fishing to celebrate Joe's B-Day.

Joseph and his Dad show off their catch.

June 23, 2008: The bass fishing is settling into a summer mode. We're finding early morning and late afternoon surface action under working terns and/or gulls, depending on whether or not the bass are feeding on small or large bait. We're also finding fish moving into  flats and areas around structure, given certain stages of the tide. Today, I heard from a reliable source that some decent size (@6#) blues were found in one of the bays in the harbor.

This morning, Mark Ozog and his GF Jessie, from Great Fall, MT came out for a morning of fly fishing. Both caught a bunch of schoolies before we called it quits and tried to beat the storm before it hit Boston. No luck...

Jessie with her first striper on the fly!

Yesterday, Rick Dyer and his sons Eric and Sam joined me for some fly and light tackle fishing. Once again, all on board caught fish and had a great time even though no big fish were taken. Sam caught his first striper on the fly!

Sam and Eric Dyer............................................................................<*)))><

Rick Dyer

On Saturday, Roy MacDowell and his colleague Eric joined me for some early summer fly fishing for stripers. Overall, the day was on the slow side although both anglers caught fish. Eric caught and released his very first striper on the fly.  (He's caught bass before on light tackle.)

Eric with his first fly rod bass!                       Roy MacDowell shows off a schoolie caught on an Orvis 8 wt Helios

June 17: The harbor continues to provide good action for fly and light tackle anglers. Lots of bait and bass feeding aggressively. In addition, the bass are beginning to hold on structure. Mitch Reid and his friends Gus, Nick, and Nick D. celebrated Mitch's birthday on Saturday and all aboard caught fish and had a great time! Happy Birthday, Mitch!!

Mitch and his friends enjoying a birthday party on the water...

June 11, 2008: Perhaps it was a change in barometric pressure, or maybe a lousy late afternoon tide? Whatever it was, the bite was sure off this afternoon. I marked very few fish in the usual spots although there were birds flying around in the bay picking up bait. It was a beautiful afternoon and Dr. David Weinstock enjoyed being out on the water despite only one bass on the fly. We all love to catch fish but sometiomes it's not just about the catching.
David Weinstock                                                                         Gary Cook

June 9, 2008: Good news!  A slug of nice fish have entered the harbor over the weekend. The fishing was as hot as the weather yesterday for Scott Young and his work colleague, Gary, both from Rochester, NY.  After pounding the structure to no avail at the top of the tide in the late afternoon (still early for bass holding on the rocks) we found a nice school of fish on the flats in Hingham, Bay. Stayed on those fish until the action died and moved into another bay where we had been earlier. No fish on the mussel beds or near good structure, so we looked for the birds. Our efforts were rewarded and  we were soon doubling up on nice fish up to 16 pounds feeding aggressively on big blueback herring. It was a fish on every cast using 1/2 oz jigs and large bass assassin's! No pics as my camera crapped out over the weekend and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive.
Over the weekend, Guido Stein, along with his brother and dad fished with me using fly and light tackle. The fish we caught, and it wasn't many, were taken mostly fishing channel edges and flats. There were fish scattered about on herring in the deeper water but they were hard to get on, especially given the boat traffic.  Dave Grainger and Gary Cook had a great morning fly fishing schoolie bass up to 31". We found a decent school of fish concentrated on small bait and fortunatelt very few boats on them!

June 2, 2008: Bigger fish have moved into the harbor following a good slug off fish toward the end of last week. This picture of your's truly was taken on Sunday while showing Michele's sister Suzanne  how to "walk the dog" using an unweighted Bass Assassin.  BTW, there were lots of herring gulls chasing bait that was being pushed up by striped bass in the anchorage. It was windy and choppy early Sunday morning and the bass were moving fast. Seemed like more birds, bait, and boats! It got a little to nutty for me so I left and found some fish elsewhere.

A fat 32" fish... taken near structure in the bay.  Capt. Wayne

May 29, 2008: After  relatively tough fishing over the weekend, the harbor lit up yesterday and today with working birds and breaking fish, including many keeper size bass. It was "easy" fishing for those lucky enough to get out on the water.

May 28, 2008: Wind, wind, and MORE wind!!!! Ok, so I'm not a weatherman and the weather over the weekend did not settle down. Last week, there was good action in the harbor with working birds over herring and silversides and breaking fish in the usual spots (QBay, Dot Bay, the anchorage, North channel...). But the NW wind made for difficult fishing on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. We saw some sporadic bird action and surface breaks but didn't mark many fish.  I was not out on Saturday but heard it was about as slow as it gets.
On Sunday, I guided Antonio Mingrone, an Alitalia pilot from Milan, who chose to fly fish the harbor. It wasn't particularly stellar, but Antonio was quite pleased to catch a handful of schoolies on the fly. On Monday, the wind shifted to the WSW in the morning and was breezy right from the get go. And it picked up bigtime by late morning. Brian Lowinger, his Dad, Larry and father-in-law, Barry fished light tackle with me.  The action began a couple hours into the dropping tide in Dot Bay and moved to the anchorage.  It wasn't easy fishing but all aboard caught fish and had a great time! Those who chose to fish slow and low off the bottom did well picking up schoolies and larger bass.

    Barry with a feisty schoolie                                                           Brian Lowinger

May 23, 2008: Fresh stripers have been arriving in Boston on a daily basis but the weather has been somewhat of a factor. A blow from the NW today could certainly put the fish down. However, the weather  ought to settle down over the weekend and fishing should be spectacular!  I still have a number of really good dates open, so call or email me for availability.

May 19, 2008: The fishing was outstanding last Friday with schools of bass chasing herring and small silversides throughout the usual channels and bays in the harbor. On Sunday morning, Brad Connor from Montreal and his colleague Jack from Annapolis, MD fished light tackle and fly. It was very tough going early with at least 20 knot NW winds and few signs of fish. We decided to head out of the wind to a place that tends to be a good early season spot. Although nothing was showing on the surface, we did mark a number of fish and proceded to set up a drift which paid off. After catching a number of schoolies on jigs and shad bodies, the duo switched to 8 wt fly rods loaded with depth charge lines to catch a bunch more. About two hours before high tide, we found fish on top in one of the larger bays and it didn't take long before Brad and Jack were doubling up! The weather hasn't helped the fishing with front after front and high winds. Hopefully, the trend into the coming weeks will produce calm winds and stable weather.

Brad Connor with a feisty schoolie bass

May 11, 2008: Fished the outgoing tide yesterday with Johnny Hopkins who landed his first keeper of the season on the Reel Dream. We found loads of bait, mainly herring, and birds working in Boston and QBay. The stripers weren't as numerous but we managed a handful a piece (including a 30" linesider for the grill). Johnny fished a 4" rubber shad which did better than the fly as the bass were scattered about and moving quickly. BTW, my new 8 wt. ZG Helios fly rod was like casting a feather. Very light in the hand, powerful, fast, and a pure delight!
Johnny with a nice first keeper of the 2008 season!

Capt. Wayne Frieden
Reel Dream Charters
60 Dracut Street Unit 1
Dorchester, MA 02124